Anyone have some good/unique ideas for a venue in the Metro Detroit area? ALong with inexpensive photographers that do great work and DJ's as well.


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  • We need more info: budget, desired venue capacity, your definition of "unique".
    Items for sale & Detroit vendor Reviews:
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  • there is an entire secton on venue and vendor ratings. i will suggest mine, though: Grosse Pointe War Memorial for venue and Pure Amour Photography.
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  • Welcome to the Detroit Board.

    This has been a really frequent question lately. There is a post at the very top of this board that has the reviews, prices, and vendors many brides have used.

    It's also easy to get a really good list of prior posts on the topic by doing a search at the bottom of the board under "this Board" and entering your topic. For example, I just did a search on this board for "venue", and the following comes up. There are tons of prior posts that have been responded to, all the topic headers have the word "venue" in them. On the right, next to the posting header there is an indication how long ago that post was entered........you may want to look for more recent ones, but honestly, they all pretty much have the same info in them.

    http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_michigan-detroit?plckForumPage=ForumSearchSpecificForumPaginate&plckSearchText=venue&plckForumId=Cat:Local Wedding BoardsForum:88&plckCurrentPage=0

    You can also go to the tab at the top that says "Local Vendors" and do a search by area and type of vendor, ie caterers, banquet halls, DJ, etc.

    It also helps everyone to provide more detailed answers to you if you provide some additional information, ie your budget or per person price, geographic area, number of guests you anticipate. These all have to be your earliest decisions so you know what you have to spend and on how many people. The number of guests may limit your locations as will the amount you want to spend per person or overall.

    Good luck. Looking forward to hearing all about your wedding.
  • I want to try to keep the whole wedding under like 7000 and thats with about 79 people. I was thinking of anything from a nice resturant with a banquet room to some place I would never of thought of.

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    [QUOTE]We need more info: budget, desired venue capacity, your definition of "unique".
    Posted by Meegles4[/QUOTE]
  • That helps a bit.

    In Detroit there is the Scarab Club behind the Inst of Arts, also the Whitney Restaurant on Woodward near Wayne State, the Detroit Historical Museum.

    Our wedding was at Greenmead Village, an historic village in Livonia at the corner of 8 Mile and Newburgh Rds, just east of I-275. They are like a smaller scale Greenfield Village and much cheaper. You can rent the non-denominational chapel and a banquet room in an historic house. Pictures and info in my link for "bio" in my signature below. From the main page go to "Vendors" for info on the village, or "Photos" for link for our photographer's page that has a lot of pictures of the chapel and banquet hall.

    The village is a Livonia owned park, with lovely grounds where we took all our pictures. You could definitely do your whole wedding for under $7000, you bring in your own caterer, alcohol, linens. My other vendors are there.

    You could also probably rent the Martha Mary Chapel at Greenfield Village and have your reception at the restaurant there. They would provide everything.
  • As far as budget-friendly, yet AWESOME photographers, I cannot recommend Amanda Williams enough.  She books up fast though, so if you're planning on getting married within a year, she is probably booked.
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  • For a photographer I am using Jennifer with www.capturedcouture.com. She was recommended through some of the old vendor posts. I loved the work on her site, very reasonably priced and all my interaction has been timely and professional.  I also think they offer DJ services so if you book both there might be an even better deal. 
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