Fabulous, but Inexpensive Florist

Hey ladies,

Just wanted to share with you a new florist in the Detroit Area/lower Michigan area, Linnaea Floral Designs.  They did the flowers for my wedding to get experiance and have since decided to go into business.  I paid A LOT less than any of the big flower shops wanted to charge because they are just starting out... but their work is amazing.  Here's their website:


I have already posted a review in the sticky thread at the top.  I know a lot of you probably already have your florist picked, but I still wanted to share.

Re: Fabulous, but Inexpensive Florist

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    do you have any photos of their work?
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    The website listed above has a gallery of some of their work.  They did my bouts, boquettes, and arch swag.  But have done other items for other weddings - they might have more none professional pictures too if you contact them.
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