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NWR: Surgery follow up, again

So, I had a lump removed Dec 2nd in my right arm pit. I've had 4 post op check ups for various reasons; swelling, inflammation, drainage, blood, etc. I just had another check up yesterday and my surgeon told me that my incision looks great! It's 1/2 way healed up and the section that is still an open wound is only still open because it's in my arm pit crease and it keeps opening from me moving my arm (which makes total sense). There has also been some wicked, nasty smelling drainage, and she said it's because my body is pushing the ruptured fluid out of the wound and it's NOT infection. Good news! So, now I have to go back in another 2 weeks for another check up. I have to keep it covered everyday all day, except when I shower. It itched like freaking crazy and all the adhesive tape from the gauzes has ripped my skin off around the area which means, I have LOTS and LOTS of red, irritated sore spots =(

Re: NWR: Surgery follow up, again

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