Beach Cermony/ Reception Venues near Port Huron and up into the Thumb??

I have been engaged for almost 1 month now but we have no clue when to set our date for. We have talked about getting married on a beach along the coast of Lake Huron, we both live in Port Huron. If anyone has a suggestion about possable locations it would help alot. I just want to get married overlooking the lake where we met and got engaged.

Re: Beach Cermony/ Reception Venues near Port Huron and up into the Thumb??

  • Congrats on your engagement!

    I don't think many brides on here are near Port Huron, however, everything out of the ordinary I needed to locate for my wedding I found by googling. I'd recommend googling for public parks on Lake Huron, there may be state parks or city parks that are near the lake. Also, depending on the size of your guest list, restaurants also.

    I know there is a Charley's Crab (or something like that) in St Clair Michigan, but that's on Lake St Clair, not Lake Huron.

    I know the Thomas Edison Inn is on the lake, not sure if you can just use their property without using their catering (which may be pricey).

  • Friends of friends got married at Camp Ozanam (spelling?)- one of the summer camps along Lake Huron. I think it is between Lexington and Port Sanilac.  I believe the rented the entire camp, and people stayed in the cabins.  Could be fun if you are looking for that type of atmosphere.

    Or you could try renting a house on the lakefront and hosting something there.  I am sure vrbo.com would have some good leads.

    Hope that helps!
  • I just got engaged and have been looking for something in the port huron area. Did you find anything? I want to get married on the water and found a really nice place up in Traverse City, but i live in Livonia and my finace's entire family ( extended included) is in the Livonia area and dont think theyd drive all the way out to Traverse City. I think Port Huron would be more realistic if we want people to actually show up. But i want to find a place on the water for the ceremony and reception for about 100 people.
  • My husband and I married in Lexington, Michigan in July 2007 (for free) at a public beach across from a motel called A'Zure Inn. We married in the middle of July and lucked out with literally no one on the beach. It was a bit rocky so we thought that might be why we lucked out. It was beautiful!
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    Knottie - Did you have both the ceremony and the reception on the beach or was the reception at a different location? My fiance really wants a beach wedding, and I really want to cut costs by doing a lot of DIY and most halls require you to use their caterer so I'm trying to find an outdoor venue near/on a beach that I can bring my own food to in southeast Michigan. 
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    I live in Port Huron, so it is nice to hear of other girls on here as well! Hopefully we can be of some help to each other!

    One of my friends got married on the beach in Lakeport. She absolutely loved it and her pictures are beautiful! As for a date, (in my own opinion) a beach wedding screams spring time. Sounds like it is going to be beautiful!

    I dont know what they have to offer as far as reception-type events, but just an idea.. my reception is at McMorran and I couldnt be more excited about it! We are down stairs and they are the cheapest place for what you are getting in town. We priced out Black River, which would have cost us about $11,000 and Elks Lodge would have been aboout $9,000... McMorran offers more and is costing us around $5,000. I dont know what your budget is or anything like that, but most people don't even think about checking into McMorran so I wanted to mention it :]
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