Are you making any resolutions?  If so, what are they?

Re: Resolutions?

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    My resolution is to lose the winter weight I've put on since the wedding but my long term resolutions are to be more conscious of my spending (ie - spend smarter) and clean more because it will make DH happy.
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    I have the same weight-loss goal as Rachael, and connected to that, I'd like to improve my running.

    Besides that, I just want to face the challenges of this coming year (graduating, possibly moving, renewing an old friendship and (possibly?) writing a novel) with calm, dignity and grace.
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    - Keep better track of our budget/not be such a tightwad with money

    - Read 100 books

    - Help DH eat healthier

    - Be a good wife!
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    1. Lose weight, both for the wedding and my long term health. Eat better and go to the Y more.

    2. Read more books and mess around on the internet less. I love to read and would like to do more of it now that I am done with school.

    3. Make it through the rest of planning my wedding drama free :)
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    1. Get through the next 6 months coming up to the wedding.

    2. Find a full-time job for the next school year.
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    - Get back to working out regularly, preferably morning work outs now that there will be a fitness center just down the hall from my apt.
    - Meal planning. I already do this, but now that FI and I will be living together I want to be slightly more intentional about knowing what our meal plans are, including when we're eating out v. eating in. With meal planning also comes being conscious about making more complete meals instead of just an entree.
    - Recycling. Living in Detroit, there's no curbside pick-up, but there is a recycling center. But, I've always thought that keeping recyclables in the apartment would be a pain. I've been tossing this around for awhile and I'd really like to TRY -- even if it's just paper and glass/plastic.
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    My resolution is to not have one. No one really ever keeps them, so I'm not going to even bother making one =D
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    - Continue to eat healthy and loose weight.  I did good with it last year, so going to keep at it.

    - Read more.  FI got me a Kindle for Christmas, so that should help more.

    - Try to not plan out every weekend for months ahead of time.  We want to slow down a bit and enjoy our lives together.
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    1. Lose weight.

    2. Meal plan. FI and I both work weird hours so we end up going out to eat a lot. I need to take the time to meal plan, it will be healthier for us and save us money!
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    1. Find a new job/school to go to.

    2. Continue to eat better and work out more.
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    I resolve to stop being such a pack rat! I tend to hang onto things (old clothes, especially) that I don't use anymore. I'll go through the closet and dresser as soon as I get home next week and hopefully talk FI into going through some of his things so we can make one big trip to Salvation Army. 

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