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My FI is stressing me out...

My fiance has it in his head that I need to meet his groomsmen before he asks them to be in our wedding. Life has been busy so I have not met them yet. The wedding is a little less than 5 months away and he has yet to ask them to be in it. Am I just being a bridezilla or should he really get a move on and ask already.

Secondly, he hasn't nailed down the DJ (who is his friend) and made sure that he's definitely available. He asked him if he could DJ but the friend said he'd check his schedule and never got back to him.

I'm freaking out! I can't handle this 'unplanned' stuff. Someone talk me down!!

Re: My FI is stressing me out...

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    That's cute he wants you to meet and "approve" of his groomsmen! That being said I would be freaking out too. Maybe not such a big deal if you know they are all planning on being there anyways. Couldn't you just tell him you trust his judement in them and would love to meet them all before the wedding, you just have a lot on your plate right now and don't want to put that off any longer?

    DJ I would definitely be freaking out about, friend or not. I would get on him about that asap
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    Yeah, I would be freaking out too. Honestly if you can fit it in your schedule, I would take the time to meet them if that's what he really wants. It's sweet that he wants your approval but remind him that it's his choice as to who stands next to him, so he can go ahead and ask them before you meet them.

    As for the DJ - what about giving your FI a specific deadline as to when he should settle with a DJ? If he can't get a deinfite yes or no by then, tell him you'll need to go with another DJ or else no one might be available if you wait too long. Also if you end up going with a friend, make sure to get a contract. This way you can make sure he won't back out or become too busy as the wedding gets closer.

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    OMG I gave my FI the "task" of hiring a DJ and it was way more stressful than if I had done it myself. I'd tell him you're going to start researching other DJs in case his friend isn't available. Maybe he'll get the hint to talk to him.
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    Aw, I can definitely identify! Honestly, we are using a band that FI has friends in and after he made the initial contact I found I had to get the info and handle the details myself. Guys just don't get how far in advance wedding stuff books up. Maybe you could try something similar.
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    Stressing me out and driving me crazy is what my FI is doing to me.  I can't even begin.  LOL!

    Like everyone said I would definitely tackle him on the DJ.  You need to know where you stand with that.  He is probably just assuming because he asked him that was enough to think he had taken care of the DJ.  A man's mind is very strange sometimes.  

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    I would be stressed out too.  Like PPs said it's nice that he wants you to meet his GM but if you don't have the time he should just go ahead and ask them.  As for the DJ I would definitely give him a deadline a week or so away to get a definite answer and contract.  If he can't lock in the DJ you will probably want to start looking at your options since most affordable, good DJs book up months in advance.
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