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Mirrors!! Plus a few other things (CINCI/DAYTON) PIP

I have a few things I have changed my mind about for my wedding, plus a few things from a friends wedding that I am trying to sell for her.

I have 23 10x10 square mirrors and 8 octagon mirrors awhich are also about 10 inches across. I would really prefer not to ship these as they are HEAVY! Buyer will pay shipping if any. They'll need cleaned before use, and the lines in the octagon mirror are from the lighting.

 $10 for all
 $25 for all

I also have about 1000 10x10 square white paper doilies. I was planning on using them as envelope liners but my vision went another way. They folded very nicely around my 5x7 invitations and went into standard 5 1/4x7 1/4 outer envelopes.
I seriously had to scour the internet for these, and then bought way too many only to change my mind. I paid $70 + shipping for these. I'll see all of them for $55 (buyer pays shipping) or lots of approximately 500 for $30 a piece (I used like 7 doilies to wrap Christmas presents)

A few other odds and ends....

 Silver leaves on wire, they were wrapped around vases in the girl's centerpieces. They are about 6 inches across. I have 8 of them. $7 for all, $5 if you buy them with one of my bigger items.

 These are rose pink linens, they are 36x36 squares. I only have 3 of them. I believe they were used as overlays on the cake and gift table.

 I have four of the frames on the right, they hold 2x3s. The frames on the left hold 2x3s as well. They were used for reserving tables. I have 6 of them. I will sell them for a dollar a piece. $.75 if bought with one fo the bigger items.

 I have two rolls of this elastic silver thread. I cannot honestly say how much I have but I can tell it is a decent amount. $3 or a dollar if bought with either of my bigger items.

 This is a guestbook, it is ivory. It is really pretty, but my mom bought me an awesome wooden one that matches my wedding scrapbook so I really don't need this one anymore. It is still in the box. $10 plus shipping, or $8 if you buy it with one of my bigger items.

If you are purchasing a large amount of the smaller items Iwill also consider reducing prices. PM me any questions you might have and we can figure things out from there. I accept paypal only if I am doing the shipping and cash in person. Thanks for looking! I hope you find something you can use!

Re: Mirrors!! Plus a few other things (CINCI/DAYTON) PIP

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