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How long...

How long do you think that you'll be on TK? I'd like to say that after my wedding I'll probably be on here pretty sparsely, but I've noticed that there have been ladies on various boards for a LONG time!

Re: How long...

  • I dont really know, Honeslty I am in a pretty boring job right now so I find myself on here a lot while I am at work. I will probably still be in this job for the next couple of years so I will be around for a while :)
  • This is technically my second go 'round on the nest (don't use my old sn since it has to do w/ the ex). Literally the day after I was married the site kicked me over to the nest. I've been off and on that site for awhile, mostly lurk though. My schedule is just so crazy!!!! Ugh.
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