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I'm happy to report my my major check - but did cry a tear or two..

Woooohooooooo it's official. I bought my dress, veil & headpiece yesterday. I went with all my girls (sisters & nieces) They got measured for their gowns as did I. 

I was so afraid I wasn't going to like this dress when I went back?.....I had already  changed my mind from a previous dress I picked out but did stay w/ the same designer....yesssssssss I did ..... still loved the new one I picked- YAY.
I had butterflies in my stomach when I was trying it on.  I originally found my Casablanca dress (1918) in July but went w/ a different Casablanca dress...1914Putting the veil on (and its a veil I would've never picked - the woman at the boutique told me it had just come in & suggested I try it....well when I put it on tied it all in... and a new this was it .... it was the one! I love it!

I did cry ...I couldn't help but stand there w/ a heavy heart seeing all my nieces and sister's who were standing there saying all these beautiful things to me - I looked around at all of them (I have 4 nieces & 3 sister's and an awesome sister in law who was there too) and I got all choked up because I just couldn't help feeling there was one very important person missing from my circle......and it was my Mom. :-(

God I miss her so! For all your girls that have your mom still with  are so blessed to have go thru all of this with you ... you're lucky. I know I'm blessed being so close to my sisters and nieces. Their all my best friends. But my mom was really my one true friend and I hope somehow she carries me thru this all and I don't fall to pieces on my wedding day.

I could only imagine what she would've been saying to me - if only I could hear her voice.  I'm the last of my sister's to get married (I'm the baby of the family ;-) ... so I just wanted to post this. I am SO happy - I have a fantastic man that I'm getting married to - I just wish my mother could be here with me. That's life tho. It is what it is. Thanks for listening - just had to get this off my chest.

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Re: I'm happy to report my my major check - but did cry a tear or two..

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