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New York-Hudson Valley

Food Allergy Provisions in Venue/Catering Contract

Hi all!  We are in final negotiations with our venue/caterer and unfortunately one of us has a severe nut allergy.  Although the venue has provided us a nut free menu and assured that they would take reasonable steps to prevent contamination, they at the same time are insisting on a very broad liability waiver that would basically allow them to not be sued even if they don't take the care that they promise.  Has anyone else in a similar situation had success in finding language that made them and you feel comfortable while avoiding trigger words like "negligence?"  This is an Abigail Kirsch venue so insight on them would be particularly helpful, but I would welcome any suggestions at this point as this is the one issue holding up resolution of our contract, and we just want to feel safe on our special day.

Thanks so much!!!!

Re: Food Allergy Provisions in Venue/Catering Contract

  • I have the same isue, I have a terrible food allergy and all the vendors I have spoken to have been great in making sure that it will not be an issue. As for their liability waiver.. I do not think it is possible for them to do that. I know for a fact that in NYS if you tell any restaurant  that you have an allergy they are fully responsible if anything happens to you. I would honestly consult a lawyer just to ensure if anything does happen you are fully covered.

    I wish you the best and hope it works out!
  • Ouch.. that puts you in a tough position.  I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable signing something like that.  I think I'd feel like then they would not take the necessary precautions seriously enough.  I realize you may not have a choice at this point but that would make me uncomfortable and put a serious dent in my confidence in their services.  My 4 year old nephew has a severe nut allergy and so far, my reception venue sounds great about it.. citing that one of their chefs is gluten intolerant (if I'm remembering right) and is very sensitive to food allergies.  There is no way I would chance anything with my nephew. 

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