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HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE! STAY AWAY! During our appointments, we stressed all of the details we wanted to be included in our day of package. Our number one concern was that we wanted DJ Serg himself to be our DJ (which was noted in our contract), we wanted the best package, specific songs to be played and not to be played and a MC that was going to get our crowd pumped up and ready to dance. I didn’t think that was asking for too much.  Well, we got nothing that we requested or paid for! I was advised several days before my wedding by the same person that recommended him that he didn’t think he was going to be the DJ at our reception. In a panic, I called my wedding planner to make sure she confirmed all details with every vendor as per our contracts. She specifically called DJ Serg again to ensure that he was in fact going to be there. They reassured her that he will be there - even on the morning of my wedding! To my dismay, he was not. I received nothing but a no call, no show from what I thought was a reputable company. While this was just one detail I specifically requested that was not fulfilled, there were many others to follow. When we sat down with DJ Serg, the picture he showed us of our package, along with a video of what our day would be like, was not what we received. We paid for the platinum package - we were told we would have FOUR plasma screen’s up on display, we would have two DJ’s AND one MC, and a laser and light show. We received TWO plasma screens instead of four, two people (which I am assuming one was the DJ and one was supposed to be the MC – which he did a poor job at showing and didn’t even introduce himself), and there was no laser light show. To my understanding, the two people that came to my wedding representing DJ Serg were actually contracted out! I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this! HE CONTRACTED OUT MY WEDDING! I also sent an updated sheet of music that I wanted the DJ to play. He was never given the updated sheet by the manager and only had the original sheet that I sent over weeks before. (This defeats the purpose anyway, because not even half of the songs I requested were played!) He actually played the wrong song during our “cake cutting”, realized halfway through, then attempted to correct his mistake and started to play the right song but then announced his mistake to the crowd! I was so embarrassed! The DJ did not take ANY requests from quests at our wedding…I even went up to him myself to request a song (that didn’t end up getting played!) Can you imagine the Bride herself requests a song that even she couldn’t get played at her own wedding?! I paid for THREE vendor meals at the reception, when only two came. So now, not only was I extremely unhappy with the services I received, I literally lost MORE money by paying for someone’s meal that didn’t even show up! What was supposed to be the MC didn’t interact with the crowd or guests AT ALL during the entire night! He barely spoke two words during the event and took nearly a 45 minute dinner break creating such a lull in the room. Overall, I was saddened by the entire situation. This was nothing what we expected. Choosing our DJ was one of the most important things that we thought would contribute to a great reception, something we had planned so well for, yet was one of my biggest disappointments. I am appalled at the utter lack of professionalism that the company displayed and I think it is safe to say, I would not use nor would I ever recommended this company to anyone. I sent them an email soon after returning from my honeymoon and expressed all of my frustrations to them directly. I received an email back saying they would review my contract further and have someone follow up with me in regards to all of my concerns, along with her telling me to read the fine print! Really?! I did read the fine print and that was in NO WAY “the best DJ services” or an equal DJ in representation to what DJ Serg would have brought to my reception. To simply contract out my wedding with not even a phone call of warning is merely unacceptable and completely unprofessional. If I would have known this could have happened from the beginning, I would have NEVER gone with their company. It was guaranteed and I was reassured time and time again that he would be there – even on the morning of my wedding (the company had to of known by this point that they were going to be sending someone else). Well GUESS WHAT?! After their “manager” told me someone would be following up with me…I NEVER HEARD BACK FROM THEM! I emailed them YET AGAIN and didn’t hear back. I finally sent a THIRD email and still never got a response! I would have hoped that they would have reviewed my emails and my thoughts with a higher respect than before and take into strong consideration the treatment we received on one of the biggest days of our lives. Overall, it was an extreme fail of the general services and a huge disappointment on my wedding day!  


  • DJ Serg is known for exactly what your complaining about. He does not do weddings, he sends other people....sorry to hear this happened to you.
  • I had NO Idea. He was actually recommended to us by an acquaintance who is also a DJ so we kind of took his word for it. He was the only person that I hired for my wedding that I didn’t do a lot of research on and I am so mad at myself for that. I still can’t get them to respond to me. I tried contacting them so many times and I never get a response. I am so disgusted. I hope he fails at whatever it is he is trying to pursue in life! This is so unfair!

  • I'm sorry you had a bad experience. DJ Serg (or maybe a contracted DJ?) did a family wedding we went to, and honestly I thought it was terrible; club music the entire time is not a way to get everyone up and involved. 
  • In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:113Discussion:2846b7b1-b950-4f30-96e3-960deed00fe2Post:159aa82a-0642-4241-94ee-21b87c3e6629">Re: DJ SERG ENTERTAINMENT REVIEW</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience... We had Serg for our wedding in September 2012 and honestly we had no complaints. I know he can be a little on the "clubby" side so I made sure to give him a specific request list of tracks my now husband & I definitely wanted to hear - he basically played them all. We also paid for the top package & requested specifically that he be there & he was there from start to finish. Many of our guests had nothing but great things to say about him or the music.
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    Yea we did exactly that too! It was written in our contract that he was going to be there, we spoke with him multiple times before the wedding, I gave them lists of songs, we PAID for the highest package but we got NOTHING of the sort. It was a complete breach of contract and I am so disappointed. At least you had a good experience with his company!
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