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ring bearer pillow?

hey ladies! i just randomly thought about this today and realized i need to figure it out. i am having two flower girls and a ring bearer (my three year old nephew). i'm not sure if i want him to carry a pillow. he definitely won't actually be carrying up the rings, so would there even be a point to the pillow? will that look weird?

any alternatives to having the ring bearer carry a pillow?

thanks in advance!

Re: ring bearer pillow?

  • I think there was something a while back about carrying a sign that says "Here Comes The Bride."  He can still carry a pillow, and you could tie fake rings to it if you wanted something there.  Or he doesn't have to carry anything.  Maybe you can ask his mother whether she thinks he would be better off holding something, or not...it might help to give some three years something to do but other kids might not want to deal with it.
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  • I am having my ring bearer carry a "here comes the bride" sign.  I suppose he's not truly a ring bearer if that's the case, but hey, it's my wedding, so I'm calling him a ring bearer, even if he's more of a sign bearer.  :)

    Something like this:

    I've also heard of people who have their ring bearer carry books, bibles, etc. as well. 
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  • We have 2 ring bearers that will be carrying fake rings on their pillows for our wedding.  Its not that i don't trust them, but don't want to tempt fate.  Our wedding is on the beach w/ quite a walk from the hotel room to the beachside wedding/alter. 

    I've heard of the "here comes the bride" signs - and saw quite a few of them i liked on Etsy, i've also heard of bibles, dishes (like a small bowl for the rings), and even younger guys carrying their fav stuffed animal.  It's all pretty much up to you and your FI.
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  • the signs are definitely a cute idea! i think i will just maybe use fake rings on the pillow.. i know my sister already told him he was carrying a pillow and i don't want to risk a tantrum the day of! thanks for your ideas!
  • Ok so the ring bearer carries fake rings? I made my pillow with string for rings... So who has the real rings?
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  • The Best Man has the Bride's ring, and the MOH has the Groom's ring. When prompted by the pastor, the honor attendants hand the rings over to the Bride & Groom during the ring ceremony.

    I was at a wedding recently when the pastor asked the Groom for the ring, he turned to his BM- who frantically searched his pockets then shrugged and turned to the next GM, who then searched his pockets and shrugged....it went down the line of 6 groomsmen till the guy at the end produced the ring and then passed it back thru the line to the Groom!  The guys had planned this as a total surprise to the groom.  It was kinda funny and everyone had a good chuckle over it....although it would not be appropriate in all circumstances!  ;)

  • My son who is 2 will be carrying a sign that says "Here Comes Mommy"

    He was also the "ringbearer"in my sister's wedding in December but she didn't have him carry anything. Instead he walked down the aisle with me (I was the MOH) and he actually ended up wanting to carry my bouquet, so he did :)

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  • aw that's so cute about him carrying your bouquet! i can totally see that happening with my nephew, and i wouldn't care either way!
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