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Ceremony music - input please :)

My fiance and I decided against using traditional ceremony music for our wedding. We wanted to use music that means something to us or has a nice message.
We made this decision a while ago, the music is picked out, and now I'm starting to doubt this choice....AHHH!

I've been reading in books and magazines that more and more couples are doing this, but I have never actually seen it at a wedding, and I'm wondering if guests will think it's tacky. I really don't even want to care... the wedding should reflect our tastes, not their's, but I still can't help but wonder whether or not it will be well received...

What do you girls think? Have you used/will you be using non traditional wedding music (WITH LYRICS)? Or have you been to a wedding that did? What did you think?
Thanks so much!
p.s. Yesterday was 6 months til the big day!!! So excited

Re: Ceremony music - input please :)

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    how "nontraditional" do you plan on deviating from the classic/traditional route? in the end, it is up to you and the groom as to what you want! granted that's oftentimes easier said than done...sounds like you still have time to decide, so see how you feel as the date comes closer...
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    we had the bm and gm walk in to the luckiest by ben folds and I walked in to at last by etta james... I actually made sure to time my entrance during the first time she says at last in the song. Both songs were not instrumental and I think worked well. My mom was leery, but after my ceremony she admitted it added a nice, different touch. We walked back down the aisle to happy together by the turtles.
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    I'm doing a little bit of both...some instrumental...songs that have meaning to us...and the classic Ave Maria in memory of my mom.....I say be creative...no need to be stuck in a time warp. I think its cool to be original....that's just my POV....and personally I'm not walking down the aisle to the traditional wedding march...I found a beatufiul song that gave me goose bumps when I heard it and I could envsion meyself walking down the aisle to it....It's called "The Wedding Song" by Kenny G.

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    Thanks girls! I appreciate the input.
    Here is what we have in mind so far...
    As people are getting seated and waiting for the ceremony to start we were thinking of having "Marry Me" by Train played on a loop. If this took a while, I'd have the DJ throw in some other songs, like Jason Mraz, "I'm Yours", stuff like that.
    The family and BM are walking down to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by IZ
    I'll be walking down to "You Raise Me Up", Josh Groban, at the point where the piano starts.
    Our recessional will most likely be "All You Need is Love", the Beatles.

    At first we were toying with the idea of hiring a pianist or string quartet, but honestly, we'd prefer music that is meaningful to us. Besides, we're paying for the entire wedding and the honeymoon. And for us, 14 days in Italy is much more important than string quartets and limos. We definitely had to pick and choose, but it's working out  :)
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    I am using something VERY non-traditional. for me to walk down to. A song of mine and his that we are using just the beginning instrumental part. It's Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation. If you click my bio...it's the song that is playing. I don't care what people think and the DJ loved it. For the recessional we are using Beautiful Day by U2.
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    we also used non-traditional non-instrumental music. bridal party walked down the aisle to somewhere over the rainbow/what a wonderful world by israel k. i walked down the aisle to you sang to me by marc anthony. recession was to accidentally in love by the counting crows
  • MYLOVE315MYLOVE315 member
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    **SHARI16** OMG LUV IT.

    Here are some songs I've chosen while peeps are walking in we're still considering a few more...

    Ave Maira - Celine Dion
    Destiny by Jim Brickman - this song gives me chills
    Marry Me by Train

    Memorial Candle lighting and Unity Candle Lighting

    "The Prayer" by Celtic Women I'm having the song shortened but still love the song

    My girls are walking down the aisle to:
    Somewhere over the Rainbow by Katherine McPhee *its the only version I like
     I'm walking down to: "The Wedding: Song by Kenny G

    Our recessional is
    "What is Life" By George Harrison

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    It's your wedding! Do whatever you want and makes you happy!
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    TerriandJoe - very true! I need to do that. I'm definitely that bride that makes decisions and then doubts them. My poor FI is so confused by my everchanging mind!

    Mylove315 - Great choices. I love Ave Maria, you can't go wrong there! My stepmom passed away almost two years ago and she absolutely loved that song. I can't listen to it without balling my eyes out so I decided to use it. She also loved Crazy by Patsy Cline, so that will be played sometime throughout the night.

    sjsphish - I'm happy to see that someone else did nontraditional, non instrumental songs. It makes me feel better about the decision! :)

    Just yesterday I found an instrumental of "Hey There Delilah" which I think we'll incorporate into the ceremony. We just started dating when that song came out and it was appropriate considering we were 3,000 miles away for the first year.

    Thanks everyone!
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    We chose "untraditional" music for our ceremony as well.

    For the BM:  "First Day of my Life" Bright Eyes
    Bride & Father of the Bride:  "Crazy Love" Van Morrison
    Unity Candle:  "Shelter" Ray LaMontagne
    Recessional:  "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" Stevie Wonder

    We had musicians play the music without lyrics (guitar, piano & flute).
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