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Hair woes

Hello all,

Looking for a stylist to do black/African-American hair that won't cost me an arm and a leg; the person who does my hair routinely is charging 600 to travel 30min to do my hair (and this is for JUST me, no one else in the wedding party). 

Any suggestions on hair stylists for black hair in the area would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Re: Hair woes

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    I wish I had some suggestions! What I would suggest you do is contact the salons that get mentioned in any of the hair posts and ask if they have anyone who they suggest at their salon.

    (Or find a quote in any of the posts and see if your normal person will match it. $600 is crazy!)
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    I believe the girl doing my hair, Nicole Francavilla, from Beauty by Nicole, can style African American hair. I haven't seen it myself, but she told me she does. It came up in conversation because I was so pleased with how she styled my hair for my trial. I have very curly hair and most stylists straighten it. She is the ONLY person who kept my hair curly to style it. I told her my experiences with others and she told me that she can do anyone's hair, including African American hair, no matter how curly.
    Good luck!
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    thanks so much everyone! will look into your suggestions!
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    Hi, I have a great stylist in newburgh. if you are interested pm me
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