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Lots to Sell Wedding Items

Below are a list of Items I have, if you want to look at the pictures and the links do not work, click on the first link and enter the item number

website to view items

77211 Black Border Table Cards, 12 ct.

77149 White & Black Bottle Wraps, 12 ct  [ I have 13 sets] if you look below it will give you an idea of what the wraps look like on the bottle with these labels

77148 Ivory & Chocolate Bottle Wraps, 12 ct.

76214 Black & White Premium Invite Kit, 30 ct. [I have 2 sets]

76922 White/Black Chair Seat Markers, 2 Ct. [I have 5]

76332 White Embossed Floral Guest Book

Tiffany Blue not baby blue

76217 Blue Box Favor Kit, 50 Count

76944 White and Black Flower Table Confetti, One Ounce [I combined the confetti so there are {5} 3 oz jars each]

77542 Green Flower Table Confetti, 1 Oz. [I have 2 sets]

78610 Black and White Place Cards, 40 Count [I have 4 sets]

77215 White Emboss Thank You, 40 ct. [I have 2 set]

76921 White Embossed Gratuity Cards, 8 ct. [I have 1 set]{keyword}

Martha Stewart Cupcake Stand

Margarita Glass Vases  [12 Vases, it’s the one on right, site I provided is not my site it is a renting site]

12x12 beveled Mirror Tiles [I have 3 set s, however one set is missing 1 tile]

19 Black Banquet Chair Covers

34 small Green Apples Decorative Fruit

8 Medium Green Apples Decorative Fruit

20 Sage Damask runners Like new made of  Taffeta Silk

4 crystal heart candle stick holders

2 crystal candle stick holders

15 sets of cookie cutter heart shaped set of three

Acrylic Diamonds Stones

11oz of clear diamond acrylic small stones (about 5,000 stones)

7.8 oz of sage diamond acrylic small stones (about 3,311 stones)

2 lbs 0.6 oz of mixed black clear and sage small stones ( about 306,934 stones)

4 unused candy scoops by wilton

11 candy tongs

12 candy scoopers small, medium and large (3 of each)

Letter “A” unused Bling cake topper

Cake Card Box 3 layers White, Sage and Black

Sage Decorative Petals (110 pieces)

Clear 2 piece heart shaped glass candy jar

Please contact me at [email protected] for information.

Thanks A million.
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