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Order Bridesmaids dresses at the same time or color will be off?

I set up a secret Facebook group for my bridesmaids so we can easily reach each other at once. I posted that I would be making their bridesmaid dress fitting for the end of the month and then we can let my friend living in Texas know what we decided on (talked to her about this and she doesn't mind). Everyone can order their dress when they have the funds ready.

My FSIL said she heard it's better to order all at once from David's otherwise the colors won't be the same because they'll come from a different dye batch. Anyone else ever heard of this?

My response to her comment was: "Really? Weird! I think we'll have to take our chances. Jaclynn will be ordering from Texas anyway."
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Re: Order Bridesmaids dresses at the same time or color will be off?

  • I've heard of it, but I think it's BS. Ive heard that colors are all mixed by computer now and its quite accurate. Plus, if you're going through DB you could always just have everyone order online if they give you trouble about it at the store. I wouldn't worry unless your wedding is extremely formal or something like that.
  • I have heard of it as well. But I have also heard it is not true! I believe if you had a problem they would redo them anyway - especially ordering this month. For my friends wedding we had a problem with the shoes and they redyed new shoes for us several times (it was the really light yellow DB has).
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  • Glad you asked this- I've heard of it too and was wondering the same thing!!
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  • While it IS uncommon, it is not untrue - it can happen. While things are mixed by computers, not dyed by hand, there are still sometimes variations in the fabric. My mom works in customer service for a dress company and in two years, they've had a complaint about it once ... but when the dresses came back, it *was* noticeable. Not dreadful (two were ordered at a diifferent time and were just a little paler than the rest), but if you were looking for it you could see it, my mom said. She's determined that we order all the BM dresss together.
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  • Thank you everyone for your responses!
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  • I ran into this concern recently with my BM's, who just placed their dress order at a local shop in NJ. I have two BM's who live in Florida, so they had to call in their measurements to the NJ store and pay the deposit by phone. The NJ shop recommended placing the order together, rather than having the FL BM's order through a store local to them, because of the dye issue, and I don't know if they just wanted the sale or if it really does happen, but I'm THAT girl who would get all flustered if one or two dresses were obviously a different shade than the others (please don't judge my insanity lol).
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