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Rustic Venues around Rockland

Hi all,

I've been following this board for awhile (since I got engaged in May) and I'm finally really starting tor ramp up my search for venues. I'm originally from Rockland County (Spring Valley to be exact) and I'm having my ceremony in New City at Germonds Church. So I'm looking for reception sites. I really loved the Overlook Lodge at Bear Mountain, but we have over 200 guests already (my family is large) and we don't want to risk having too small of a venue. But I love the lodge-style and the rustic feel. 

Mainly, I'm looking for a venue that is around $75/pp (since there are potentially so many people) but not too large, because I don't want to feel overwhelmed by the size of the room. Maybe something that has a maximum around 250-300 people? I also want the venue to be rustic or have a lodge feeling (like Bear Mountain). I'm also more of a DIY person with alot of friends in the area that are willing to help so a venue that doesn't require their catering and allows for more of a DIY feeling. Actually, even just a plain banquet hall that has a lodge feel would work (stonework, exposed wood, etc)

Thanks so much!

Re: Rustic Venues around Rockland

  • we were in the same position and chose the mansion at colonial terrace.  its about 10 minutes from overlook lodge.  worth the call and explain to them you are on a budget and they work with you.  we were very happy
  • Hey did you ever find a place with those parameters? I'm in the exact same position and trying find a similar kind of place in Rockland. Thanks!
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