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2 hair questions..

2 questions:
Around what price is everyone paying to do their hair/bridesmaids hair done?
I am looking for an affordable stylist who is either near the hyatt in harrison/white plains or who will travel to the hotel the day of. I go a quote of $175 for me/$125 for each bridesmaid. I don't know what average is, but for the bridesmaids that seems a little pricey.

Also, are you paying for your bridesmaids hair/makeup? I feel bad asking them to pay but me paying will cost an arm and a leg. I have 6 girls! What are your thoughts on this?!

Re: 2 hair questions..

  • sham777sham777 member
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    Don't feel bad at all asking them to pay for their own, when someone is asked to be a part of a wedding they should know that they will be taking on the responsibility of the cost unless you have stated beforehand that you are willing and able to foot the bill.  It is absolutely ok to have them pay for their own hair and makeup.  Also, those prices actually are not bad at all, I used Pretty Bird Bridal for on-site hair and makeup, she is really good but more expensive than what you were already quoted, but she will travel to your location for no extra fee http://www.prettybirdbridal.com/ She was really open to suggestions if there was something I wanted tweaked or different, and I believe the hair trial is free.  But if you have had a trial with this person that quoted you these prices, you like their work, and they'll travel, go with that, because after all the quotes I did for my wedding those prices are reasonable, at least in the wedding world they are.  Good luck---Jen
  • kristinanddankristinanddan member
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    You can't force your bridesmaids to have their hair done if you're not paying. You can let them know the pricing, but you can't demand they shell out $125 to have their hair done.
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    I think the people that quote that much are out of their mind. I think is ridiculous and price gouging behavior. Same for a $200 quote to have make up done.

    /end rant

    I'm probably going to have Jeanna, my former neighbor do my hair and make up.
    http://www.storybooklooks.com/. She's much more affordable than other places I've talked to. She always looks beautifully put together, but I haven't had my trial yet.
  • MYLOVE315MYLOVE315 member
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    I'm dropping a paycheck for my hair and makeup....don't ask but it's the only person that finally got my vision.  My once in a lifetime splurge I'm sure I won't regret it.

    As for my bridesmaids, I too felt bad but I posed it to them and they were totally on board about paying for their own hair and makeup. When I asked them to be in my wedding party their responses was 'we got it" we have a whole year to pay for this and we all want to look good for you. Problem solved. I have an awesome set of girls in my parrrrrrrtayyyyyyyy.

    I still feel a bit of guilt but trying to get over it as money is flying out of our pockets as we speak!

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    I'm spending 220 on my hair and makeup. My girls are paying $75 for their hair. I personally don't care if they get their hair done or not. I told them to do whatever they are most comfortable with. All but one girl is paying to get her hair done.
    I've always paid to have my hair done for other people's weddings, so I honestly wasn't even considering offering to pay for it. Also, unlike most of my friends, I'm paying for my wedding, so the extra money just wasn't there....

    Mylove315- where are you getting your hair and makeup done?
  • ssagessage member
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    I paid $125 and the price for BMs was either 75 or 85 (I dont remember)...

    I too advised my girls of the prices (i had a separate makeup person)....the two local girls had been to my hairdresser before but in the end, all of them got their hair done (and paid there own way) and one of the girls had her daugther (a FG) do it.  They knew they had the option to either do it or not and that I did not care what they wanted to do as far as hair...that is, I didn't say that I wanted all updos or all down or whatever.

    As far as makeup, only one BM, my mom and myself got their makeup professionally done.  THe other three did it on their own.  Again, they were provided with the info and made their own decisions.

    I've been in a few weddings and never had my hair or makeup paid for for me by the bride and always, I personally feel that when I accept to be in the wedding, I am accepting all of the costs that go with it..whatever they may be.
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    My hair was 150 and the girls were 75 and she traveled to the hotel.  I did not require them to get their hair or makeup done.  MOH got hair, one BM got makeup, one BM (SIL) had hair and makeup but by someone else with MIL, and one BM did neither.  In the end, my mom paid for MOH hair and BM makeup (as well as mine, my grandm and aunt's) because she could.  She felt comfortable with it because she knew they were willing to pay and weren't doing it just bc it was free.  She was v. quiet about it so the other girls didn't know and I think it worked out well.
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    I know I tell them they HAVE to get their hair and makeup done. So, I'll just try to find the one thats most affordable and let them each know. Thanks for all your help, as always!!
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