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Center Pieces for Sale

I have 24 square centerpieces (4.6 x 4.6), 72 votive candle holders for sale. I also have purple stones (24 individual bags) that I used in my centerpieces. Please let me know if you are interested. 

Sorry for the glare on the candles holders. I am willing to negogiate prices, I just want to get rid of these. Thanks

Re: Center Pieces for Sale

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    Do you have any pictures of the purple stones?  What are the sizes?
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    Could you give me an idea on how much you are looking for?  I am interested in the centerpieces and votive holders.  I would take all.  Also shipping to 11971.
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    I can send you a picture via phone. I am at work, so I can't upload one. They are smaller than a dime, but not much. 
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    @stephlovesben - They were originally $6 w/coupon at Michaels for the larger squares and we bought the votives in bulk online. Would $100-$125 be reasonable for you? We live in Baltimore, MD 21227, so shipping will be expensive. 

    I am at work, so email ( works better at the moment. thanks
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    Can you email me pics of the stones. I am in Indiana, however, I have family that lives in Maryland that might be able to pick them up for me. Also, what price are you asking for all of them and the purple stones? My email is

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    I"m right here in baltimore. How much are you selling them for? Willing to buy and take off your hands the center pieces and candles
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