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Wedding Day Transportation?

I'm starting to think about transportation.  And I'm not really sure what I'm going with.  First question- Who and were did you have transporation for?  Whole bridal party?  Bride and groom?  To the church and reception, just the church to reception?  Second- What size/type of limo/bus/car did you use for how many people?  And what company did you go with??

Thank you !!!

Re: Wedding Day Transportation?

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    I got 2 10-12 person limos

    1 will pick me, my bridal party, my mom and my dad up at my hotel total of 9 people.
    The other limo will pick up my FI at his house with his grooms party. His parents will be taking their own car there.

    After the ceremony the whole bridal party = 12 people will go into 1 limo. ANyone's significant others can either drive to the hotel and get on a shuttle bus or drive to the venue. The other limo will have just me and my husband. I have arranged for my parents to have their cars at the church so that they can meet us at pictures and since my Dad doesn't drink he will be DD for my Mom and G-ma.

    The limos will take us to pictures and to the venue and leave from there. I hired a big Peter Pan bus to pick up my guests at the hotel (2 round trips to the hotel to the venue) and I arranged for them to make 2 round trips at the end of the night and all of us, bridal party and me and my husband will take the bus to the hotel with the guests at the end of the night.

    I am using Eclipse Limo, they get bad reviews on this site but I haven't had any problems with them. 
    I am using Peter Pan as my shuttle bus I got a 54 passenger bus for the whole night as many trips as I want or need for $795.

    Hope this helps!
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    It's been a while, but we had one large SUV limo (18-22 people I think) and one regular 8-10 person limo.

    Here is what we did, since everyone got ready at the same hotel:
    Limo 1 takes bride and bridesmaids to photo location
    Limo 2 takes groom and groomsmen to photo location
    Limo 2 goes back to pick up bridal party dates and our parents and take them to photo location (none of our bridal party's SOs were from the area, and some don't drive, so we provided transportation for them)

    Limo 1 takes bride, her parents, and MOH and her boyfriend to church
    Limo 2 takes everyone else to church

    Limo 2 leaves
    Limo 1 takes everyone to reception hall

    Our limos were from Silver Star and we were very happy with them.

    We also had a large bus from West Point Tours that took our guests from the hotel to the reception hall. At the end of the night, the bridal party took the bus back with our guests to the hotel.

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    I am using JTR transportation a 47 passenger bus.  I am doing my first look at the hotel and then all of the bridal party and immediate family will be going in the first shuttle to take pics at the location.  Then the rest of the people who are riding the shuttle will be coming on two more trips from the hotel.  The shuttle will run 3 times at the end of the night to bring people back to the hotel.
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