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We recently set up our hotel block (Check!) but I had some questions on the shuttle service (next on the list).

I've seen West Point Tours mentioned a lot on here, are there any other companies in the area that come recommended?

How much does a shuttle service usually run?

Who sets up the pick-up time? Is there a general rule of thumb they follow?  Ceremony starts at 6:30, Reception ends 12. Google says hotel is 15 mins from venue. Thinking 6:00 departure from hotel, 11:45 pickup from venue (in case we need two trips with bridal party?)

Thanks ladies!!!

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    JTR also gets mentioned quite a bit. Also Red Oak Transportation.

    Your timing sounds good, but you might want to ask at the shuttle company since mapquest /google maps assume you are driving a car and the shuttle busses may not be allowed on certain road and so you'll need their expertise to adjust the time.

    Depending on the company shuttle company and the vehicles selected the cost can be anywhere from $600 to over $ !500.

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    For some reason I'm thinking you're getting married at PH?  Or am I confusing you with someone else??  If you are PH bride, PH will give you a credit on your PH bill when you show them your receipt from West Point Tours (for a portion of what you pay).  I believe it was around $1k for a coach bus.  It is important to note that not all buses can go on all roads (such as Palisades Parkway) so times may vary.
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    A.N.N Transporation is who I used. When I arranged stuff with them I told them what time the reception started and ended and where my hotel was and they figured out the timing for me.  They were very helpful, friendly and AFFORADBLE :)
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    If your reception is at Patriot Hills, definitely use West Point Tours. Gina, our coordinator at PH, initially told us we would get a 300 credit, but in the end it was more than that - 350 or 400. The shuttle was 1000, so with the discount it was 600something I believe.
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    JTR and Peter Pan Bus.

    I got my best quote from Peter Pan

    Red Oak is very expensive
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