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Picking a DJ....

When choosing a DJ for your wedding....

Did you go based off reviews off the knot or the DJs personal website?
Or made sure to pick a DJ you've seen at an event you or another event, maybe?

Haven't been to many weddings but the ones I went to I wasn't impressed with the Djs at all...probably because it seemed club like...I have to keep reminding myself that is the atmosphere that couple wanted for their day but it is hard for me to look past that. Not into the flat screen TVs, names on the dance floor, excessive lighting or props....
Would love to have a DJ where it is just themselves and maybe an assistant. Not a whole company that sends out Djs...

Want to be able to work one on one and make sure our vision is heard.

Any advice or recommendations?
I know DJ Brian swatek is highly recommended, looking for someone else. My siter recently got married and used him as a DJ and well...I'm already using the same photographer and hair and make up person... :)

Re: Picking a DJ....

  • Wow, it's dead around here. I'm an old bride, just checking in, and I figured I'd answer since no one else had. We used Steph and Jeff of The DJ Solution. They are a husband and wife team, and they were amazing! Their slogan is "The Non-Cheesy DJs" so it sounds like they might be a good fit for you.

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  • I used DJ Bri and loved him!  I was going to recommend him until I saw your comment.  But, if you really liked him, and your sister doesn't care, then use him.

    I chose him based upon personal meeting.  He was the first vendor I ever met...not pushy and I liked how attentive he was but not overly so and was very timely in responses etc. 

    I also looked at a woman named DJ Danielle (I think that was her name).  My MOH and I liked her too...seems like she had a great vibe and I think it is just her or her and an assistant.

    I know they get highly recommended but I did not like the DJ company out of Westchester...I can't think of the name now...but anyway, they were so rude at a bridal show I went to to both me and my MOH (and my MOH was at another part of the room so she tested it by going over herself) they didn't want my business.  So, I didn't give it to them.  And the one DJ that was there was only interested in looking at the girls..and it was obvious
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  • Planet DJs...they are awesome!
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  • PJ the DJ, been to several events where je was the DJ. It's just him, and he usually throws in free lighting.
  • Thank you for your input. I really appreciate it. And yes the Hudson valley posts are pretty quiet:-( So funny...I know Pj the DJ!!!
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