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Beware of SCAMS!!

I advertised my dresses that I needed to sell on this message board. I put pictures and all the information about them. Two days after posting I got a message from a woman claiming she wanted to see pics and get the asking price. I thought it strange since I put all this info in my posting. However, stupidly I continued the conversation and even gave her my name, address and phone number. Although not so stupuidly I gave her a po box in a different city from mine instead of my physical address. Anywho I dont think there's much that can be done with a name and phone number but it's still rather unnerving. I simply wanted to post this here so y'all can be aware in case this happens to you. I also pasted the main email below so you can see the kind of pattern these scam emails follow. You can also check out this website(  which has many examples of this type of scam. What would have happened is that I would have recieved a certified check which I would then cash. However there would have been money left over from the check (once I pulled my payment ). I would then have to send that money via western union to someone else (the scammer of course). The issue with this is that the previously cashed check would have bounced and will have been left with the lovely task of paying that back to the bank and possibly facing criminal charges for cashing a counterfeit check. Next time I will definitely be more careful. I hope this helps keep y'all from falling prey to the same scam.


Thank you for writing. I am satisfied with the asking price of the dress and sash for $850. In terms of payment, I will make arrangement for a certified check payment to be sent to you via Post Office mail delivery. The payment that would be sent to you will include the cost of the dress, Insurance and shipping once you have the payment, The dress would then be released for shipping. I will have a pick up agent contact you for the pick up of the dress to make things easier. I am willing to offer you an extra $100 to keep the dress for me and consider it "SOLD" to me to avoid mis-understanding with other customers.

I really love this dress it's my dream dress and it's the cheapest i think i can afford and i don't wanna loose out on it.

I'll need you to provide me with your details as follows to send the payment out to you:

Your Name:

Your Address:

Phone Number:

Once i have the details, i will have the payment mailed out to you immediately to avoid delay and i will email you once it has been sent. Though, i would be travelling to meet my boy friend in Paris, France to begin necessary arrangement for our wedding that is coming up next month.

I look forward to hear from you.


Re: Beware of SCAMS!!

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    these scams have been out forever.. started on craigslist.. thats why you should either do cash or paypal none of that ill give u extra money and u cash the check and send the dress for me w the extra money or whatever they ask. these ppl are crazy but its sad some people actually fall for this an end up losing out on money

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    Yeah! Thank God I realized it before it got to that point. You just can't trust people anymore.
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