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Super Sensitive Skin!

I have a pretty big issue with regards to how sensitive my face is.  If someone kisses me on the cheek (usually a man with slight stubble or someone with way too much makeup or perfume on or someone who has cats) I start to get really itchy and get blotchy red spots on my face.
I'm having airbrush makeup done on my wedding day and am seriously thinking about telling people that I can only air-kiss them.  The last thing I want is to be itchy and red faced in all of my pictures AND I'm spending a lot of $$ to look perfect that day.  Does anyone else have similar issues?
My makeup artist recommended taking a Claritin that day but I know it won't help :(
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Re: Super Sensitive Skin!

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    kristinanddankristinanddan member
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    Don't use a claritin, use Zyrtec - it is something like 8x stronger than Claritin.

    I suffer from chronic hives and dermatagraphism so I can totally relate. I take Zyrtec daily to control the hives and it really helps me (for a while I was taking Claritin, Zyrtec, and Zantac all in one day, but thankfully I don't have to do that anymore).
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    kinobeanokinobeano member
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    Great, I'll have to try that!  Thanks.  Whenever I bring up this issue people laugh at me because I'm so worried about it.  I'm glad I'm not the only one :)
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    Waah! Not to sound completely rediculous, but yaay! I have dermo and physical urticaria! Sista, sounds like that could be whats going on with you! (depending on the hives, the dermo and urticaria come differently for everyone! I actually can get anaphylaxis(?) from mine!) See a dermotologist if you can! I take hydroxyzine (perscription zyrtec) as well as perscription reactine (sorry I'm canadian!) 20mgx2 daily. Its calmed down all my hives! I still get red sometimes, but I can do things like eat an apple, have a hot shower, and high five like no ones business without breaking out into big ol hives! Also, theres a product called Cliniderm I use up here. Its completely scent/irritant/formaldehyde free. The dermo I see here said that even though some products claim to be scent free, this is the only one (in canada at least) that really is! Worth checking it out!  Good Luck!
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