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Hi! I'm a wife!!!

Hi everyone! Well, we did it, we're married!

We had a beautiful ceremony and everyone had a great time at the reception!
The only 2 things that made me sad that day were the weather and my cake.

After all this planning, the weather is the one thing you can't plan for. I alwayhs pictured my sunny June day, and photos on the beach, but we got to get some photos outside, it rained slightly on and off all day but what can you do?

My cake had green ribbon on each tier, and it was supossed to be gold. I know my guests probably didn't notice, but the only thing that bothers me about it is that it's like "where did green come from?" my colors were pink, gold and brown. But, once your there you just have to go with what's happening.
The only other thing I wish is that we got to spend more time with everyone! You try your best to mingle and talk to everyone there for you, but it really goes so fast! Everyone had a great time though and my girls looked amazing!

I thought after the wedding i'd have withdrawls, but to be honest i'm happy it's over. By the last week (hardest week of all!) I was done with everyone and everything.

Our honeymoon in Aruba was AMAZING!!!!! So sad it's over! It was a much needed and great way to start our married life together!

I can't wait to see our pro pics!!! My goal for the weekend is to write vendor reviews-I'd love to help and share with future brides of HV!

Good luck to all :)
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Re: Hi! I'm a wife!!!

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    Congratulations!!! That is SO exciting!!!
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    mockninemocknine member
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    I'm sorry about your cake.  That is pretty bizarre that they put green ribbon on your cake... hmm... did you get it from a separate bakery or did it come from your venue?  If this was the only thing that went wrong that day, I would say you had a FANTASTIC wedding day!!

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    ssagessage member
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    funny...i had similar issues...although my wedding was in the fall so you would expect rain more....but we got it (although the weekends leading up to my wedding were pretty and the day AFTER was GORGEOUS!)

    and my cake was supposed to have fall leaves, etc running down it...there were none.  Thank goodness at least the flowers from the florist were on top.  I never found out what happened and to be honest, I never even paid attention until the next day when my DH mentioned it.

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    MidgetteMidgette member
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    Weird about the green ribbon! But like you said, u are proably the only one that notice!
    Glad you had a blast and welcome to the married group!

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    carolsdaycarolsday member
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    Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!   I'm sure no one else noticed the cake , don't even think twice about it.  Your a Wife !!!!!!!!   Sealed
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    so glad that day went well (minus the cake) but just like the girls said you were prob the only one to notice! Congrats on being a MRS!!!!!!
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    Congratulations! I'm glad your day was (mostly) fabulous! As other girls said, I'm sure no one noticed that the ribbon was incorrect. I'm glad you didn't let those minor details ruin your day  :)
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