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Anyone a wedding GUEST a Kittle House in past year or so?

Has anyone been to a wedding at Kittle house in the past year or so as a guest? I would love to hear your thoughts/comments on it as a guest.

Thank you!

Re: Anyone a wedding GUEST a Kittle House in past year or so?

  • yes... in sept... was not impressed and very disappointed considering all the good things we heard... it was a fri night wedding .. took over an hour for the whole room to be served dinner(from the point at which they began to bring out meals)... the dj called everyone back to the dance floor before the other half of the room was even served. ... it was cold by the time we got our meat dishes and it was after 11pm... very unhappy with the service which was quite unprofessinonal... they had wine glasses on the table, but did not serve wine at all throughout the one point a fellow guest at our table finally said something to our waitor, he brought over a bottle of wine for us... only to be taken away by the matre'd 5 minutes later and for him to scold the waitor in front of us... very unprofessional for a well known resturant. 

    Also, the dance floor was in an awquard L shape... very strange... and not like any other wedding we had been to.

    I will say that my husband hought the food was pretty good at the cocktail hour... however they seperated the wine and beer bar from the "cocktail bar" so that you had to stand in two lines if you wanted to get a beer and a "drink".  Very limited seating, which made it difficult to sit down and enjoy their outside grill with ribs and salmon.

    after going to several weddings in the hudson valley, including our own in the last year... the kittle house unfortantely did not live up to their name in our opinion. :(
  • Thanks for your review.  Where have been some of your favorite venues you've been to in the Hudson valley/westchester area? We are looking for something local, but most of the weddings I've been too have either been out of the area or not quite what we're looking . thanks again
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    I've been to two weddings at the Kittle House and one was in the past year - and both were incredible.

    I'm in my late 20s, so I've been attending about 5 weddings per year over the past two years, and both of the events I attended at the Kittle House were very memorable .  The most recent was a winter wedding which creates its own difficulties in that you are totally reliant on the indoor space.  The Kittle House was beauifully decorated, the dance floor was large, and the food was incredible.  When I went the dance floor was rectangular and the previous reviewer mentioned an L shape - so I think that the configuration is the bride/groom's choice as opposed to the venue's specifications.

    I'm a vegetarian and have often found that the vegetarian alternative at weddings is usually (drastically) lacking compared to the main entrees, but I enjoyed plenty of great appetizers and main dishes (dinner was served buffet style and I had several choices).  My date is a meat eater and he was equally pleased with the food.

    I'm from Westchester so I'm not surprised that I've already been to two weddings at the Kittle House - I won't be disappointed if I have to go to another!
  • Hi Bikecommute - Thanks for your review. Definitely appreciated. Sounds like the service issue may be with sit down dinner vs buffet? Perhaps we need to look into that. Thanks again.
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