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August 2013 Weddings

August 24, 2013

Hey everyone! My name is Heidi, I'm from Casper, Wyoming. I just recently got engaged to my fiance, Sean. We decided on August 24, 2013 for our wedding for a couple reasons. One being I will be graduating with my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education that spring. And we want to enjoy being engaged and be able to save some money up for our big day.
Hoping to be able to share and bounce wedding ideas with everyone. An outside eye is always helpful.
Congrats to everyone! I look forward to getting to know everyone.


Re: August 24, 2013

  • Hello I am Beverly from Georgia. I am actually planning a vow renewal. This will be a 15 year renewal on our wedding date. Our wedding back in 1998 was at the Justice of the Peace and a dinner at the local Chinesse Restaurant.  I am so excited. I am more in love with my husband than I was 13.5 years ago.

  • Hello, this is a 10 year vow renewal for us and this is the date we decided on. We got married in March (not the best time for flowers) and really we want something for just for us to celebrate our love and God's blessings in our marriage. Plus, I want the wedding I never got due to costs and timing.

  • Hi I am kayla, 22 from Wisconsin! 8.24.13 is our date as well! Congrats looking forward to getting to know all you ladies!
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  • This is our wedding date too! I feel like it's so far away but I know it will fly by...
  • RailWayWifeRailWayWife member
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    Hello! My name is Ashley. My FI and I have chosen August 24th as our wedding date. I cant wait until we are closer to the date so the real planning can start!

  • My FI and I choose this date, more because I wanted to be married in the same month that my Grandpa and Grandma were both born. I was really really close to my Grandpa before he died back in '95. I know that he and the rest of my family and my FI's family that has past will be looking down that day and give us their blessings. I can't wait for that day to come!!! I can't wait to get to know all of the ladies on here that are sharing this date with us!!
  • August 24 2013 is my date aswell! We orginally we're going to get married May 11th but that will be when my FI brother graduates from college and we didn't want him to miss his graduation so our venues only day left was August 24th. 
  • 8/24/13 is our date as well. We chose the date because it will be our EXACT 10 year anniversary as a couple, and was perfect that it fell on a Saturday as well for that particular mildstone for us. We have been engaged for about a month and a half now :)

    Congrats to all the fellow August 2013 Brides!
  • Hey, My name is Sarah. My fiance and I are getting married August 24th 2013 as well. So excited. I also am going to school to be a early childhood educator. :) Congratulations to all the 2013 Brides!
  • Hey everyone. My wedding is also Aug. 24 2013. I cant believe our weddings are in a little bit more then 3 months away. I am from the MidHudson Valley New York but having the wedding in Westbrook CT because all my family is from there. I am currently working on a Master's in Elementary Education amd Special Education. How is everones wedding planning going?
  • This is my wedding date too...it's coming up so fast!!!  I can't wait for it to come though :)
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  • It's my wedding date also! FI and I met on 8.21.10, he proposed on 8.19.12, and we will be getting married on 8.24.13. All in the same week :)
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  • My name is Amber I am from Iowa, my Fiance & I will be having our wedding on 8.24.13!! I can't believe how fast time has flown..
  • I'm getting married the 24th too. Originally we were wanting maybe 4-5 months tops to be engaged, but my mom is a school teacher and has to go back to work and my fiancé's house he rents is being sold in Aug. it happens to be my Aunt's birthday as well. The date pretty much picked us. Can't believe I've been engaged 8 days already!
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  • I'm Ashley, and my FI and I will be getting married on August 29th :)

    Enjoy your planning and congrats!

  • Hi I'm Kim from Oklahoma City. My fiance Chris and I are getting married on 8/24/13 for one main reason. It just happens to be our 6 year anniversary! We got engaged last May and have had a long engagement so I could finish up my PharmD degree. We are so excited and time is flying by. Good luck to everyone and remember to enjoy the planning :)
  • How is everyone's planning going? I just finished my ceremony programs, escort cards, and table numbers. My bachelorette party is this Sunday. 

    I need to shop for bridesmaid gifts, put together an emergency kit, make a day of plan, have my final dress fitting, and put together a few kid kits. It's all coming together!
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  • Finished my favors last night and Ceremony Programs were finished on the weekend. The main things I still have to do are as follows...

    1.) Burn Ceremony Music on CD
    2.) Finish BP Gifts
    3.) Pick up my dress (Thursday) 
    4.) Finish Reception Slide Show

  • Hello August 2013 brides.  I am also getting married Aug 24th, I am from Iowa.  We have been engaged since June 2011 and finally getting married.  I'm excited but last minute detais are stressing me out. 

  • My name is Rita and we are also getting married August 24, 2013. We have been engaged since Feb. 2012 and we can't wait to be married only 17 more days brides happy planning to you all!
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  • Coming so quickly!! I can't believe it's almost here.
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  • I'm also a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding which is tomorrow. When we were going through the rehearsal I kept thinking "I'm next!!". Helping her set up today has already helped me in planning. The poof balls take awhile to fluff and I have about 20 of them in my wedding.
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  • I'm getting married on August 24th as well. It will be 10 years to the day since my fiance and I met. Crazy how it is two weeks away!
  • Just 7 more days ladies!!! I can't hardly wait.
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  • Have a great wedding ladies! My husband and I will be in Jamaica on our honeymoon!
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  • Welcome to Wedding Week!!
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  • Wow! Crazy how fast time has flown by. What is left on everyones to do list??? 

  • sparkellyysparkellyy member
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    I don't have much for the next couple of days. Our rehearsal is on Thursday and my flowers (I ordered from Sam's) will be delievered on Thursday too. Friday will be my mom, bridal party, and I putting centerpieces and bouquets together! I need to get my ring cleaned on Friday as well...then off to the nail salon and hotel with my BM's!
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  • I just have payments, packing, and little things here and there to do yet.  Friday I plan on getting my ring cleaned as well!  Can't believe the day is almost here!  Good luck to everyone getting married this weekend as well...hope you all have wonderful days! :)
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  • Sounds about the same, I just have 2 final payments to make (Venue & Photographer) and I have to burn the music to CDs for the Ceremony. Oh and I want to call the bakery just to confirm delivery time. Other than that we are ready to go! 

    I hate the feeling that I am forgetting something. I have a bad feeling that the night before the wedding someone will say "Oh hey where is the _____" and I will have completely forgotten about ______. 

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