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And another week begins...

What did everyone did on Saturday and Sunday? Brides, any checks? Anything you're looking forward to this week?


Sat- Worked til 1 came home and napped.
Sun- Went to Kohls to use my Kohls cash for some X-Mas gifts, went food shopping with my mom and just hung out with her.

This week I am looking forward to a lot! On Wed, one my sorority sisters is coming for dinner after work (I haven't seen her since the wedding, she's one of my BM's and I'm sooooo excited!), Thursday is my work team X-Mas party snd we're going out for dinner and exchaning gifts, Friday 3 of my close friends are coming over for dinner and a movie night, Saturday is my dad's work Christmas/retirement party, and Sunday I'm baking cookies with my mom =) I love the holidays!!

Re: And another week begins...

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    Sat- took out some of the Christmas decoratoins, got a cut and color (so desperately needed!), got take out and watched On Demand with the hubby
    Sun- got the tree up (no decorations yet), cleaned, went to a friends house for their son's birthday

    This week I am getting the tree decorated (long story as to why it is not yet), work Christmas party on Friday, hope to shop some more, maybe wrap some gifts.
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    Sat we didnt do to much,i went out with my mom for a bit while hubby cooked dinner then we just hung out and watched some tv togeather.

    Sun @ 3am me & Hubby went to walmart,came home and finally decorated our tree.Then i went out with my mom to finish my xmas shopping.

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    I did my hair trial...see post below...

    We also finished our xmas shopping completely! YAY! And they are all wrapped too!
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    the weekend was super busy

    Saturday- cleaned the house, organized our new joint checking, made grocery list, hit the post office, showered and went to work from 1-930.  Then went to Walmart for grocery shopping, got home at like 1045, put it all away and went to bed

    Sunday- vegged in the morning, went through DH's bills to get a handle on them. Baked one batch of xmas cookies, made a pork loin for dinner and made lunches then set up our tree in the stand to settle.

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    No checks for me this weekend but I did find out that one of my cousins just booked a church and venue for his wedding... on the same date as my wedding!  Apparently they didn't know what date we had chosen and didn't think to ask.  He's not even engaged yet but they've been looking at rings?  Very disappointing situation.  His parents talked to him about it and apparently he said they were already locked in, but I am trying to get in touch with him directly to talk about it. 

    I feel bad because my Mom's side of the family is small and if my cousin is getting married on the same date it means she'll have basically no family at my wedding and she is upset about that.  Plus my poor Aunt now has to choose between us.  If they can't change it then there's nothing we can do, but I wanted to talk to my cousin about it before giving up.  Ugh. 
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    Sat - Doctors appt early! - Then went home to sleep cause I was recovering from Friday night...Went to the mall with Joey and got my 6months ann / christmas gift. Then went out to dinner

    Sunday - shopping with mom, then made cake for j and me for our Anniversary

    Monday - baked 34 dozen cookies for xmas!!

    this week i am looking forward to J's xmas party!

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    Friday - Had my work Christmas party, then went to the mall for some shopping

    Saturday - Spent most of the day at the mall!

    Sunday - Went to my sister's for a birthday party for my niece.
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