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Save The Dates issue

I'm wondering how long I can put off sending out my save the dates. I really wanted to do a magnet with one of our engagement photos on it. Problem is, we haven't had the engagement photos taken yet. Haven't taken them yet because I don't have my engagement ring yet. I really wanted to be wearing my ring in the engagement photos. We should be ordering the ring soon, and our photographer is all ready and has said that it would take about two weeks to get photos back after the shoot. I'm just wondering if I should skip the engagement photo idea and use another photo or just not do a photo at all? Or do I still have some time before I send out my save the dates? We do have a cute picture that we took the day we booked our venue. We are standing in the exact spot we will be getting married in. I don't know. Do I have wiggle room here?

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Re: Save The Dates issue

  • You have time. I am not sending our STDs out until the end of March begining of April.

  • From what I have read, STD should be sent between 6-9 months. But, you can do whatever you like! If you want to wait for your engagement pics, then send them out right after.
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  • I'm kind of in the same boat...we just got engaged New Year's Day this year and don't want our engagement pictures taken until it's warmer and not so dead/winter looking outside! I feel like by the time we get our pictures taken, designed into Save the Dates it'll be so late, what's the point? I'm trying to think of a creative way to send them online or through email so they can go out quicker than snail mail and cheaper too!
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