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hi.. we are considering using turntable events for our dj. i can't find any reviews ont hem. has anyone used them? or heard anything about them? thanks

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    edited December 2011
    We hired Turntable Events for our wedding.  Spencer was phenomenal to work with and listened to all of our ideas and requests.  We were able to have our wedding exactly how we wanted it and he exceeded our highest expectations.  From the moment we met with him, he was extremely personable and very communicative about our planning.  This made it really easy for us and stress free.
    At our wedding, Spencer and his staff were fantastic with our family and friends and three of my friends have already booked them for their weddings.  So we'll have the pleasure of seeing them again at future weddings.  When it was time to turn up the music and get the real party going, they rocked our wedding and kept the dance floor packed the entire night!  In our wedding video, the cameraman panned the seating area and EVERY seat was empty because they were all on the dance floor.  If that isn't an indication of great entertainer I don't know what is.
    You should absolutely consider Turntable Events.  You can probably find some other reviews if you google "Turntable Events reviews"Best of luck with your planning!
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