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New with tags wedding gown

Selling my new and never worn wedding gown from david's bridal.  Iv'e decided to go with a different dress and need to sell this one asap. I bought this dress in a size 4 and had the seamstress add a corset back in it. I paid $805 including tax and another $180 for the corset back put in. Hoping to get $700

pic from David's Bridal

Re: New with tags wedding gown

  • Honestly, I'd lower the price if you want to sell it ASAP. If someone could go to DB and buy a new one for $800, they would probably prefer to do that rather than buy one that's been altered for the same price. I get where you are coming from: You spent $980 including the corset and alterations so you feel that whoever purchases it is getting a deal. However, in the resale world, alterations are a liability not an asset.
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