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Am I Crazy?

Is it crazy to spend almost $3000 on flowers?

Re: Am I Crazy?

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    The lowest I've been quoted so far is $5500. Granted, I have 21 tables of high centerpieces (that was 3K alone most places), and I want a nice, lush birch chuppah... but for this area, I'd say that's good!

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    For me, yes, but it's all about your budget and your priorities. We made our own centerpieces, so we only needed bouts and bouquets and ceremony flowers.
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    It is all about where you want to spend your money.  People have different priorities.  If you feel like you are getting what you want and are ok with it then good.  FLowers were not a huge priority of mine but i wanted the basics...cernterpieces (15), bouts and bouquets, ceremony flowers, etc.
    It can also depend on whether you want specific flowers.  I wanted hydrangeas til i found out the price
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    That's what we ended up spending with Lee. We thought she was going to be less money than the other florists we met with, but in the end, she was just as expensive. I was very happy with her work, but not happy that my flowers cost almost as much as my photographer!... flowers die, but the pictures will last forever.
    however, i did have a lot.... my bouquet, 7 BM bouquets, 2 female groomsperson bouquets, 3 corsages, 8 boutts, 3 garlands of greenery and roses for our chuppah, fabric for chuppah, birch logs that she had made for us (and other couples) to hold escort cards, 13 centerpieces, and 56 candles.
  • AniaNYCAniaNYC member
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    Hi, Im getting 14 tall centerpieces, 5 bridesmaids bouquets, 1 brides bouquet, 6 corsages, 1 flower girl, 45 6inch candle holders with flower inside and floating candle.... quoted $2000. The centerpiece they fixed for me was great
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