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Ceremony and Vow Ideas

Between the Ceremony and Reception

The ceremony is at a hotel and then we are providing the transportion for our 70 guests to a restaurant 45 minutes away for our celebration dinner.

Pictures after the ceremony are going to take about an hour (hopefully less- but I've been told to expect the hour).  Only half will be needed for that formal/posed picture time.

Since our dinner is at another location where parking is difficult- most will use the provided limo transportation and won't leave before us for a traditional reception cocktail hour.

What should we do for our guests during that hour? Anything?

Re: Between the Ceremony and Reception

  • Sounds like a great reason to take your pictures before the wedding. I'm not a huge fan of that (from the bride's perspective), but as a guest I would be furious if the couple made me wait around with nothing to do for an hour for transportation and then another 45 minutes in the car. Plus the guests who are driving themselves will arrive at the reception and also have nothing to do.

    If you absolutely won't take pictures before the ceremony, you should definitely have food (if not a full cocktail hour) in a comfortable room at your reception site. You might even think about making your favors something they can use in the car ride... (maybe cutsie personalize roadtrip games, a local magazine, make mixed CDs for the drivers to play, etc). But even then, 1 hour 45 minutes is a long time to wait for a reception to start.
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  • What are the guests supposed to be doing while you're taking pictures?  Honestly, if I was attending a wedding and got wind of the fact that I'd have to sit around for 45 minutes while the WP was taking pictures, then another 45 minutes in the limo to the reception, I'd skip the ceremony and go straight to the restaurant.  That sounds like a logisitical nightmare.
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  • The point of having a cocktail hour is provide your guests with something to do while you are taking pictures.

    Either arrange to have them transported directly to the restaurant (and everyone else can be transported after photos) or take your pictures before so that you can all head over together.

    It is really rude to expect your guests to stand around and do nothing while you get your photos taken.  If I heard this was going to be the case, I'd be inclined to skip the ceremony or not attend at all.  I already think that the travel time is too much so consider how you may already be inconveniencing your guests and allow them to proceed directly to the reception after the ceremony.
  • I agree with the others. Set up a cocktail hour with some drinks and appetizers, or take your photos beforehand.
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  • Why can't your guests go to the reception and have the cocktail hour start when they arrive?  I realize that means you and FI wouldn't necessarily get to partake, but it is very rude to make your guests wait that long for you.
    Our guests went straight to the reception and had cocktails and appetizers while they were waiting for us and it worked out perfectly.

  • Remember your guests are expecting to be fed and given something to drink. Making your elders/children/pregnant friends stand around and wait for you for 45 would annoy alllllll of your guests. I agree with the rest, send them on their way, you will have to miss the cocktail hour. You can always lenthen the coctail hour, take pics for 45 min, be there for 45 min. You don't want a bus full of annoyed guests!
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