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Advice _ Regrets?

What is the one detail you wish you hadn't spent tons of money or time on planning? - What is the one you wish you DID spend more on?

Also - what do you wish you could have changed about your wedding?

Re: Advice _ Regrets?

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    Honestly i dont want to sound snarky/stuck up but i dont think i would change one thing about my wedding.To me everything was just how i wanted it to be.
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    ummm more time and organization for pictures,  my mom and MIL were upset that we didnt get those BIG family pictures, doesnt bother me so much cuz who really looks at them anyway, but thats the only thing I think i would change so far. We got lots and lots of pictures so thats not a problem. The venue was so crazy that day so it was kinda like lets get this done
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    My mom was upset we didn't take a photo of all of my side of the family together. No one would look at it anyway so why she was upset, who knows.
    I wouldn't change anything. I planned every detail of our wedding over a 2 year engagement, so everything was what we wanted.
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    [QUOTE]Honestly i dont want to sound snarky/stuck up but i dont think i would change one thing about my wedding.To me everything was just how i wanted it to be.
    Posted by Jenni83[/QUOTE]

    That's how your wedding is supposed to be!! And I'm really happy for you that this was the case. 
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    I don't think I would change anything either.  I dno't feel like I overspent on anything nor underspent.

    Like pps, I wish there were certain photos I I have not one photo of me with my work colleagues (whom I've worked with for upwards of 10 years...and we are like family) but I never mentioned that to my photographer so that is all on me. 

    There was also an issue with our best man's speech...i wish I listened to our best man and went with him but we listened to someone else instead. 
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    It is so funny ( not funny ha ha...but ironic) that most of the regrets are about photos.....I think its because at this point the weddings are done, we all had a great time and were in utter bliss but as we look at the pictures...we think it would have been nice to have this pic, and it would have been nice to have that pic!

    For would have been nice to have some pics outside...but it was cold and rainy so there went that!  My photog did a great job of getting some really good photos of me and husband inside my chapel and the surrounding areas of the chapel ( indoors there is a marble staircase, and what not)

    IAlso...I didn't like that my photog didn't take any bridal party pictures until we got to the they were all just standing around. I realize it was probably because the weather changed up the plans...but I felt ( afterward of course) that he could have done some in the church or whatever so they weren't just standing around...and if that were the case, I wish he would have told me or them so they could have just went in the limo and drank and relaxed while we were doing all the pics...So I thought that was poor planning on the photog part and my part ( though I wish someone else had stepped up and said something). I guess all in all I should have had more of a plan of what I wanted the picture taking schedule to look like...
    However, other than that....there is nothing I would really change on my day except that I wish my grandmother who was looking so forward to the wedding had not passed away a few short months before... far as spending too much time on details....I would say that I stressed out the last week on the Out of Town Bags and the bathroom baksets, and though I am sure they were appreciated....since it did stress me out, I could have left it out...( or did them a lot earlier!!)

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    I regret not hiring a videographer, my husband was set against it but every now and then I want to watch a video of the day.  I do however have an audio recording of the ceremony so I guess that's better than nothing.
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    Reapply your lipstick!!

    I got so caught up in everything that I only reapplied like once, and pretty early in the day. So in all my pictures and in the video my lipstick looks totally washed out. I just wished someone would've told me!!
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    I have a few regrets (but mainly because I'm now a wedding planner in Atlanta and see a lot of things I wish I could have done)

    1) Photography: I wish that I hadn't listened to my dad about this "great photographer" and went with one that I selected and really liked. I also wish that we had seen each other prior to the ceremony so that we could have gotten better pictures together when the light was better.
    2) Hair & Makeup: I would have liked a better hair style, but I was running short on money at the end because we moved 2 months before and everything was tight- plus my bridal party didn't want to spend $$ on hair so I found a less expensive place that I really didn't like, just to make them happy.
    3) Videographer: We didn't have one and my husband says he wouldn't have had one no matter what, but I wish I had posed more of a fight about it becuase I often wish I could look back at it (but if I had a better photographer, I don't know if I would have felt this way)
    4) Honeymoon: We both hated it-(but have been making up for it on recent vacations) because we got sick from drinking the water and mixed drinks.
    5) Bridal Party; We were right out of college and went with a large bridal party- I wish that we had gone smaller on that end.

    I could go on, but who knows what I would say :)
    One thing I'm really really glad I did was: LET GO AT THE REHEARSAL!!! Dont' get tied up in the little things, when your wedding rehearsal starts, that's when all else should stop. You should be in enjoyment mode from then on out- and it was something I'm really glad that I did.

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    I still have to write my reviews, so I'm going to be pretty general here.

    I wish I had made a list of shots for my photographer (never got around to it) so therea re a bunch of family shots (extended family) that I wanted, but never got. Wish we got a formal picture with just my grandparents.

    I wish I was wearing my blusher down the aisle! Realized I wasn't when my dad "gave" me away. (It was raining, so that was on my mind when I got out of the limo)

    But the two biggest regrets -

    I wish I was more serious about saving money when I knew my boyfriend bought the ring. I was surprised when he proposed, but knew he bought it when we went to pick it up. I was surprised then, but since it took a while for him to propose, I wish I had used that time to save more money.

    And I wish I had insisted that FI come with me to a bridal show when we got engaged. He did come to two, once right after he had bought the ring, and once towards the end of planning.

    I wish I had put a little pressure on him to go to one after we were engaged, but before we booked anything. He would have been more aware of what the prices of vendors was, and what you got with each so we would probably been able to make some better decisions together. Instead of me going and telling him my top choices and him pick from there.

    But the truth is, we had a really great day!
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