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The posts above are from a knottie who is scamming people out of money. She has been selling the same items ALL ove the web for 3 years. She takes payments then DOES NOT ship or return emails. The two email addresses she is using are: and

Please DO NOT converse with he, she is not honest. Happy planning.


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    thanks for the heads up!
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    WOW Thank you
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    Holy hell! Thanks for the heads up! For sure!
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    Um I'm not saying you're wrong, but do you even have anything to back this up?  If you look back in her posting history there is plenty of normal posts from her planning her wedding and nothing trying to be sold.
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    Especialy considering her ad says she wants to do it all locally.. that means she's not even trying to get paypal money.
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    I emailed her like a week ago about the wicker balls.

    She got back to me the next day and told me they were sold, but that she had other things available ?
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    The person making the accusation has 6 posts, the person she is accusing has 300. The accused is at least an established Knottie. 

    I'm not sure who is at fault, but I think its really unfortunate that someone can come on here and make such a nasty accusation with no proof whatsoever and have people who will take that at face value.
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    Well and there's no posting history of them posting in the same thread ever either. Methinks the OP of this thread is someone who knows the seller personally and is trying to get them in trouble,
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    After further investigating, if you click on the two different threads the original poster included, it does seem odd that the 2 nd post is from the 2009, and shows she was married some time ago, and then the most recent post is the same email address (although she has 300 posts) something is for sure not right with the seller, IMHO.   

    I say buyer beware~and I don't know either party.
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