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FALL decorations for sale!

Would prefer to sell as a package purchase.
Sell ALL for $300 + shipping ($41 savings)

contact: [email protected]
*Prices do not include shipping

Beads= $10.00
      can fill the bottom of 7-8 glass vases
32 gold floating candles= $12.00

Table runners= $25.00  (24ct)
8 Med. white pumpkins (with holes drilled)= $65.00
5 Lg. white pumpkins (with holes)= $75.00
LED lights (for inside pumpkins w/ batteries) (11ct)= $15.00 

3 Tier Card Box= $20.00

Other Items for sale:
4 Small Orange pumpkins (with holes)= $12.00
3 Medium Organge Pumpkins (no holes)= $25.00
4 Glass bowls= $20.00
8 cylinder vases (nice for bouquets) = $25.00
2 floral decorations (red, orange, red, white sunflowers with gold wire)=

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