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Average Deposit for Westchester Venues

I literally just started planning but wanted to know what the average deposit percentage was for some of the clubs in Westchester ie Fountainhead, Greentree, VIP, etc.

I've heard anywhere from 25%-50% so wasn't sure what to believe. Also, since this is the first time I've planned a wedding do they base it off of your total number of guests (even though it may be too early to give a definite amount) or the minimum number of guests for that space.


Re: Average Deposit for Westchester Venues

  • We are having our wedding at the Fountainhead on 12.7. The deposit was $2,700.
  • Our venue had a flat amount...but I do not remember what it was.  It was not based upon the number of people.

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  • Glen Island was $1000 to reserve the date, then $5000 within the first month.
  • Greentree was $3,000 for a wedding of approx 200 people
  • We paid half the rental fee which was $325. The rest was due by a week before the wedding.
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  • I believe Greentree was $3000 with the signing, then there's a schedule of varying amounts of payments.  We're 5 months out and we've paid all but our final payment, which is due the day-of.  The last payment we had was over 10K, the one before was about 6K..... 

    So we're planning on having about 220-230 people.  We invited more, but Greentree based our cost on 200 people, which is the minimum.  Once we have a final head count, we let them know - with the seating chart.  If there are more than 200, we add the difference to the final payment.

    Which places are you looking?  Have you gone to any yet? 
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    Green Tree Country Club

    New Rochelle, NY

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