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Wedding Day Jewelry

Hello Boston girls!
Tell me some great places you went to look for your wedding day jewelry! :)
And, roughly how much did you spend on jewelry?
Did you go full out and get earrings, bracelet AND a necklace? Or just one or two of these?

Re: Wedding Day Jewelry

  • Shazzie116Shazzie116 member
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    I got my necklace off Etsy for ~$70 from seller QueensCache (vintage shop). I just wore simple pearl studs from Forever 21 (the kind that comes in a pack of 3 for $3.99). HTH

    The hunt for jewelry was one of my favorite things. It can be hard to decide, but once I found the right stuff it was an easy choice!
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    I bought my earrings from overstock.com  Never would have looked there, but a fellow knottie (gardenbyrd) bought hers there and I fell in love with them!  I haven't bought a bracelet yet and I don't plan on a necklace (don't like the idea of it with my dress).  My earrings were about $85

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    I got my jewelry, Haute Bride, at Priscilla's of Boston- which is where I bought by dress. I believe that you can go to their site directly, though. The pieces are gorgeous! I got earrings and a bracelet, didn't do a necklace because there is beading on the top of my gown. Good luck!
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    I am using jewlery that I have received throught the years.  When I turned 25 my parents gave me a beautiful stran of pears, and when I turned 30 they gave my a beautiful pair of earrings. 
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    I went to Nordstrom's and Macy's.  I can't remember which one I actually bought my jewelry at but they both had good selections.
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    I got my earrings & a brooch at Tejani Bridal Jewelry - amazing sparkly pieces!!


    I had by bracelet made by Regina B:

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    thanks for all the suggestions!
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    I bought my necklace at the Ruby Door in Beacon Hill.  They have awesome authentic vintage pieces.  I am wearing family jewelry for my earrings and bracelet. 
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    I wanted really simple, classic jewelry.  All I wore was a friend's pearl bracelet (something borrowed!) and a pair of pretty drop pearl earrings that I actually found on sale at Brooks Brothers.  They have some really nice jewelry.
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    My mom is really good at jewelry making. As part of the gift for my girls, I am going to purchase all the beads and wire to make jewelry, invite them to my mom's place, and have a night of jewelry making with everyone. That way they don't have to buy their jewelry, they can individualize it however they want, and I can make sure that the colors match! I might match my beads with theirs, then do something a little different. I haven't quite decided on that yet. But I'm not a big jewelry person anyway, so this fits my personality much better than buying some special occasion pieces.

    There's tons of beading stores around. It's become quite popular. There are also tons of beading books and instructions online. Most craft stores offer classes that are very inexpensive. They charge for materials and then a small fee for the instructor. Just another way to keep your budget down, in case anyone else is looking!
    You will always need something to fix.
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