Hi,I was married  5/24/09 and also used HTS limo.  They were terrible!  After no A/C in the limo on a super humid day, and the rushing to exit the limo, the driver insisted that my reception was at the Hilton at the airport.  Our reception was at the Hyatt Harborside (also at the airport),.  When I told him we were suppose to be at the Hyatt his response was "Are you sure?"  Ummm, yes I was sure I had only been planning my wedding for a year and a half.I also emailed them and got half a**ed apology.  Were you able to get any money back from them?  I was thinking about emailing them again and asking them for my 20% gratuity back because had I not paid in advance I would have refused to give the guy 20%.
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