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    I confess that I am lost when I don't have something to study for, and I am contemplating going back to school for something else just to keep me busy! I also confess that I am probably going to drink a little too much tonight because its Ladies Night at my place.  Jenwindy....where in Lowell is the reception? That's where I live :)
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    lana-i live in dc and its supposed to be really nice down here if that helps at all?? have a great time :)
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    I confess that I probably should have done more today now that we're at the one week mark.   Also I spent way too much money today - have a lot more to spend (all wedding related) and am afraid to look in my bank account.  My first two pay checks at work I won't be able to get until we get back so won't be much in there (get paid monthly)Also I felt seriously overwhelmed in WHBM today with wayy tooo many pushy sales women - just leave me alone and stop bringing me mountains of clothes, shoes, and accessories
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    fool, i only got the nerve to do it because it was my last day. what is she going to do, complain to HR? hehekamedio, thanks! i know DC is really nice; i've been there before but FI hasn't. i wasn't dreading DC but instead the sight seeing part. a full day of sight seeing is tiring!
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