Thanks, ladies! THe dress is bought.

Thanks for all of your advice, ladies.  I was stuck between two dresses at the first shop. I went to a second shop and tried on more in the same style, but by other designers. At point point I was up to four dresses (including the first two from the other location)!  But, one of the two dresses from before was there, and I tried it on last. And I kept it on... I didn't want to take it off!! I knew I wanted to change the dress slightly, by adding some ivory fabric behind the sheer "v" part at the top. But I lucked out. The woman at the store mentioned that if I bought my dress on the first visit, I get free alterations by the store. I am psyched. A beautiful chiffon dress, cheaper than I was expecting, and free alterations. I repeat: I am psyched. [img][/img]

Re: Thanks, ladies! THe dress is bought.

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