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Decision made, finally!

We made a decision about transportation, finally!
Since it was not high on our list of things we wanted we decided to go with no frills transportation. I honestly do not need to show up at my wedding in a limo. Would it be fun to ride in one? Sure. But it just wasn't someting we wanted to spend money on.
So, what we decided to do is rent an executive van to transport me and the bridal party to our picture location (wherever that will be!) and then the venue and then go back to the hotel to pick up guests.
What bride arrives to her wedding in a van? haha  But seriously, I'll be in it for 10 minutes. I can't see spending the money on something fancy. If I could afford two vehicles I'd get some kind of limo for the girls and then a van for the guests, but that just isn't an option.
Thanks to everyone who provided recs. I appreciate it!

Re: Decision made, finally!

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    sounds like a great idea to me!!!!!!  I love that you are going to use it for you guys and then use it for the hotel!  Way to cover your bases and save money!
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    I agree!

    At my wedding, the only people that saw me arrive were the ones running late LOL

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    The only people who are going to see me arrive are the Patriot Hills staff. We're getting there early to take pictures, so I'm really not concerned about getting out of a fancy car. If the prices were close, I totally would've gone for the fancier vehicle, but then after it dropped me and my bridal party off it would go back to the hotel to get guests. While I'm sure it would be fun for the guests to be picked up by a stretch escalade, it's not necessary.
    Thanks for the support girls! Even though I made the decision, it's so typical of me to doubt it.... hehe  :)

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    We are thinking about doing that as well. Like you said, you will only be in in for 10 minutes.  We need to look into places. Limos are so expensive, they look gorgeous... but its not in the budget for us.  Which rental place did you use?
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    Bride2be - We haven't signed a contract yet, but I'll either be booking with SilverStar or Starlight. I personally found the guys at SilverStar to be nicer, but, Starlight is closer to our location and it's about $50 cheaper, and we won't have to pay tolls, like we would with SilverStar.
    I'm most likely going to visit Starlight on Tuesday, as all my contacts have been via phone and email.
    I'm feel better knowing someone else is considering it. I just can't help it... I guess it's the practical side of me shining through!
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    Shari -
    I'm using a limo bus. Same deal for me I'm only in it for 15min.  Did you have to have to do a 3 hour block?

    What are you going to do at the end of the day?
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    Yes. We have to pay in 3 hour blocks. The van is only $250 for 3 hours, so we will have it come back at the end of the night to bring the bridal party and guests back to the hotel. With tax and gratuity it will only be $600 for the entire night. It's such a good price!
    Of course, today I went to meet with someone there, and although the vans aren't bad at all, and just as clean as a limo, I decided to ask to see the inside of a stretch escalade.... The van definitely pales in comparision, and now I'm doubting my decision, but I need to keep thinking about the $$$ I'm saving.
    It's serving the same purpose as the limo.... I'll get to travel with my girls and it will allow my guests to let loose and party without having to worry about driving. So I guess that's all that matters, right?
    Can you tell I'm not quite convinced??? hahaha
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