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So I'm back from the Bridal Expo - Anyone heard of Michael Tomassi Photogrpahy?

Have you heard of Michael Tomassi Photogrpahy? Aka as Picture This...He's based out of Danbury....Or do you know anyone that used him? What was your expeience?  Also have you ever dealt w/ his videoagrapher Carlos from Custom Made Video?

*Also does anyone know of a Limo service that will do a one way service type of deal? In lieu of contracting them for 3 hrs? I don't want to have to go in a shuttle...I'd like to arrive in style but for a 15min drive I don't want to pay $ I'm in a quandry.  Any ideas?

Thanks for your help -
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Re: So I'm back from the Bridal Expo - Anyone heard of Michael Tomassi Photogrpahy?

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    I heard of them when I was looking. Probably because I went to a few shows in Danbury. I don't recall anything about them however. (They didnt' make my top 4 for some reason).

    I also remember seeing a one way bridal limo ad that said "Don't need three hours? Ask about our one -way deals!"

    Of course, I don't remember which company. I want to guess that it might have been Anna's Airport and Limo. They are based in Patterson.

    I used to work in advertising, so I studied the ads from companies when we were booking. I even used the ads to rule out companies.

    But, I do know that someone does the one-way. Just don't remember which company had that ad. But I do know they were at a Dutchess, Danbury, Mahopac or Mt Kisco bridal show!

    Try Anna's. I am pretty sure they were the ones.  Good Luck!
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    I am using both Mike (Picture This) and Carlos (Custom made Video) and so far I am VERY happy with them both. My fiance and I went to 4 other photographers/videographers and they were either too expensive or their work was awful.  Once we saw Mikes work we knew he was the one for us.  He truly loves what he does and does touchups and photoshoping  free- and for every picture that needs it. 
    My wedding is in 2 weeks and he has been so helpful he is worth is weight in gold!  Jeez, I sound like an advertisement.LOL  well so far all we have gotten from him are our engagement pictures and 2 blown up pictures to use at our reception. One of them he did for free, just because he knew we liked the photo and the other one was already in our contract.  I will let you know how things go after the wedding.
    Hope this helps, good luck!
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