Hey there- thanks for the White Ailse (sp?) I'm too lazy to look up.  Anyway, I found a pair, reasonably priced that I really like!  Yay!Also, I noticed that you are using a day-of planner.  Do you like her and if so can I steal her too?  I'm thinking I need one...AND I think you have a bag, but found a link to a little red purse that looks like little bead tartan.  Are you interested?  I didn't want to send because I hate it when people give me suggestions once I've made a decision.Hope all is well.  Slammed at work, busy at home!

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    Ok to the DOC.  NO to the bag.  It's like $150.  I'm saving you from yourself... I have the link at home.  Going to catch the train now, but if you want it, I'll send it.Also, talked with Kevin and he's able to make it.  There were a few friends we didn't have addys for and waiting too long to send.  Doh.
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    That's cool... why didn't I think of that???Anyway, if you want it here is the link:http://www.moynallc.comThe one I spied was in the fall/winter section:item: mk2104 Maybe for another day.  They have a few tartan purses- who knew?So I still need a bag, but at least earrings are off the list...
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