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Bridal Party Gifts???

My fiance and I are at a loss of what to get the groomsmen (especially our mature 6 year old ring bearer).  I got the bridesmaids jewelry, but we have no idea what to get the guys.  I got the flower girl a Barbie Bride and a necklace, but have no clue what to get my nephew.  I would like to get him something he can play with at the wedding.  I want to pick up flower girl and ring bearer coloring books for when they are seated.  Does anyone know of a place to get the coloring books?  Does anyone have any gift ideas?  (Trying to keep the kids gifts under $20 and the groomsmen under $50.


Re: Bridal Party Gifts???

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    My husabnd chose to go with engraved flasks from Things Remembered for the guys, and his dad was his best man so he took him out for a day of golf, as far as the ring bearer goes have you checked or they have personalized gifts for so many different occassions, it might be a start for an idea?
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    Hi! I got married in June and we got our groomsmen gifts from theknot shop. We got them duffle bags, beer glasses, and bottle opener keychains.

    The guys loved the duffle bags and they all enjoy beer, and they bottle opener keychains were good because whenever the guys are together they always use my husbands bottle opener because he was the only one who had one on his keychain! So we thought why not get them all their own. Our choices were perfect for our guys and they loved them, and we love visiting them or seeing them use their gifts :) We've witnessed the guys use their duffle bags which is great! We thought that would be useful. At first I didn't like personalized gifts, but then we decided to personalize the bags, glasses and bottles with the guys first and last initial, instead of their whole first name.

    For my ring bearers, I ordered personalized baseball bats from, and personalized baseball bats from These were personalized with their whole name.

    For my flower girl I ordered a large pink jewerly box with her name on it from She loved it!

    For my bridesmaids/MOH I got them personalized pink duffle bags (personalized with only their first inital becaise their last names may change! :) ) from, I also got them spa gift cards, gold flip flops to match the sashes on their dresses for the reception, bridal party sets by Philosphy sets from Sephora, and another small box with nail polishes and lip gloss.

    I hope you got some ideas from this, happy to share :)

    Good Luck!
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    RB...I had two (my nephews)...they got personalized baseball bats and a build a bear groom

    Groomsmen:  cooler chairs (personalized) from the knot shop and then a personal gift for each (two got sports memorabilia, two got hunting stuff)
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    We got our Best Man a sterling, engraved guitar pick from Men's Warehouse.
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