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I'm a Georgetown Club bride and quite honestly, all these vendor postings are getting really annoying.  I can imagine it's even worse for girls who aren't getting married there.  If you honestly feel bad for us and want us to find a new venue, please find a way to contact TGC and get put on a list to be recommended to displaced couples.  They are providing venue suggestions for couples who call them, and they can add you to the list.
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Re: Re: Vendors posting

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    OMG I didn't know they went out of business! I feel so bad for all the GCC brides...Is there a way to report vendors for posting? I mean, I know how to use Google to find wedding venues thank you very much.
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    Those vendor posts have been deleted and the posters have been banned.
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    I wasn't here for the vendor posts...but very annoying! I understand some of them want to take advantage of the situation, but still, the knot is not the place to do it! Contact TGC!
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