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NWR: Tattoos (kinda long)

Hi girls, I want your opinion re: wrist tattoos. My dad passed away last year and I've been wanting to get a tattoo to honor him. I didn't want a RIP one so I did some research and found an idea I really love-it's "I LOVE YOU" written in my dad's handwriting (Khloe Kardashian has it). I want it on my wrist both b/c I really like how they look there (my dad and I were both lefty's so double meaning) and b/c I can't think of anywhere else that would look good and wouldn't be too weird (like somewhere sexual-bikini line, etc.). Here's my question...does anyone have a wrist tattoo and what do they think now? I know its ultimately my decision and everyone is different but I wanted to hear from people after the fact and see what they think. TIA!

Re: NWR: Tattoos (kinda long)

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    It depends on what field you're in. My field is very conservative and if a client ever saw me with a wrist tattoo they wouldn't be too pleased. It's a credibility issue.
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    I have a wrist tattoo and large tattoos on both of my forearms. My profession don't care about body modifications, they care about my work ethic. But not everyone is that lucky. If it is small enough, you could always wear long sleeves or a bangle to cover it. I love all of my tattoos, they are who i am. It's your choice, do what you want.
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    My FI wanted to get wrist tattoos but I talked him out of it because, like the poster above mentioned, it can really affect your job opportunities if you're applying in a conservative field.  I know most schools do not allow teachers to have visible tattoos.  My advice would be to think of the following: Do you work or plan to work in a conservative field where wrist tattoos are generally frowned upon?  If so, can you resign yourself to wearing long sleeves and being super-careful for your entire career?  Is there really anywhere else that you can consider putting it?  There are plenty of places on the body (the ankles, for example) that are non-sexual and can always be concealed by wear socks or pants.  If you're really hell-bent on getting it on your wrist, my only advice would be to get it small enough that you could cover it if need be with a thick watch band or bracelet.  Good luck!

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    Well, what about doing a white tattoo....the profession my sister was in said no visible tattoos, but she got one on her foot and depending on the shoes/pants it would have shown.  but in the white, you can see it, but it's not as noticeable (you would have to point it out to someone to show it).  just a thought.
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    I love the idea! It is super sweet. I have 6 tattoos which are mostly hidden but my wrist tattoo will be the next one I get. I think they are small enough and I love the way they look. I work in a professional office environment and it is acceptable. Corporate america is only getting younger and I think that eventually, tattoos and piercings will be come common place.
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    Thanks girls! I forgot to mention I already have one on my foot which is the only place I could have thought to put it. Also, I work in the legal profession. My bosses now would be ok with it but if I ever went anywhere else idk. I do plan on getting it small enough that it could be covered up if necessary. Any ideas on somewhere else to put it?
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    I have a wrist tattoo and I don't regret it. I have the Libra Symbol on the inside of my left wrist... 99% of the time no one notices it. It can easily be covered if I wear a watch or a chunky bracelet. I have also really been wanting to get a tattoo to commemorate my father since he passed away last year but I can't figure out where to put it either. I have 5 tattoos and I am very particular about where I get tattoos because I want to be able to hide them when neccessary. I already have tatoos on both my feet, 2 on my back and my left wrist... Maybe after my wedding I will get it on my upper back ( I don't want my tattoos in my wedding pics)
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  • cazzysmithcazzysmith member
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    Katelyn do you already have tattoos in other spots limiting your choices?  What about upper arm, upper back or shoulder?I do like the wrist idea, just maybe get it small so it's easily coverable should it become a problem in the future.
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    Thanks! I only have another tattoo on my foot. I'm trying to stay away from my upper back or shoulder b/c I really want to be able to look at it and think of my dad.
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    sort of the same idea...but what about a ring tattoo?  You can cover it up during the day with a wide band ring.
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    I have a tattoo on my left wrist that is very similar to your idea. It's my cousin's signature. I've had it for 5 years and it has never been an issue in the workplace. However. as I am an actor, I can't speak for the professional world! Mine is very easily covered with thick stage makeup or a big old watch. I love my tattoo and wouldn't trade it for anything.
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    I have a wrist tatoo and for the most part I do not regret it!  Sometimes I wish I could cover it, like if I have a big meeting, but then I just put my watch on. On another note, I have many tatoos, ankle, wrist, lower back, back of the neck and foot and my wrist hurt the most!!!  So go prepared!!!  It sounds super sweet, you should def go for it!!!
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