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NWR: Anyone in the PR Indsutry?

I have an interview on Friday for an office manager position at a boutique PR firm that specializes in wine and travel.  They generally promote from within so the hope is that the next step would be an account coordinator - and the only travel you do is to Napa/Sonoma, Chicago, and NY for wine tasting.  I was just wondering if anyone worked in the PR sector and could tell me a little more about the culture and career paths. I currently manage a research consortium out of a research university and was not planning on changing jobs this fast.  But I realized I'm not really happy doing what I'm doing - and when I was looking into possible jobs for the future and qualifications I would need I stumbled upon this job and it seems like a great opportunity.  But we would need to buy another car - a huge investment - so I would have to be pretty sure it is the right direction to move in.  So any input from people in the field would be great!

Re: NWR: Anyone in the PR Indsutry?

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    I don't have any personal experience with PR firms my self but my good friend works for a PR firm in nyc. Her PR firms deal with the entertainment industry so her life is surrounded by movie premiers, parties, and red carpets... I'm assuming very different from the wine industry, lol.She works very long hours with a lot of young people who are very driven and competitive. She loves what she does but I could never do it. She's "on" all of the time and I'm not like that. If you are passionate about the wine and travel industry and find it fascinating then I think this type of job would be perfect for you.
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    I'm not in the PR industry either - but just have to say that the job sounds amazing! Good luck!
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    I worked in PR(worked my way to Account Executive)for 4 plus years before going to school and am now a chef..... I would be happy to give you insight on my experiences email me at mbmiskin at gmail dot com
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