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GardenByrd - Editorial position

Hey there, Didn't see your post until today.  Variety is actually located in NYC and LA (mainly LA).  The parent company is Reed Business Information - I'm in the Waltham office, but there is also a satelite office in Kingston MA (that's RSMeans...mainly construction).  We have one person who works for Variety in this office, but I think it was a fluke that she got her job here.  During my search I didn't see anything come up other than editorial for Variety (for the office in LA).  Not sure how flexible they are with the location, but maybe if you're desireable enough you could work here/from home and travel to LA/NYC on occassion.  Then again, I work in finance so I'm not sure how much you would need to be in the office for an editorial position.  If you're interested in more info, email me at jdeffley at gmail and I can give you the job descriptions.  I'm friendly with the HR rep here in Waltham so she would be able to tell me if the location is flexible.
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Re: GardenByrd - Editorial position

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    Jamie, I worked there for a while....How long have you been there? Did you ever work at the Newton office before they moved? Garden, a good family friend is an editor-in-chief there. I'm not at Reed any longer so Jamie may be able to help out more...Nonetheless I will be seeing our good friend in two weeks for a wedding and can pass him your resume if you'd like. He has helped out with Variety before and I know when I was there, there were possibilities for Variety, but as Jamie noted, most positions were moved to NY or LA.
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    Hey Dawne...I didn't work in the Newton Office, I started in Oct 06 (Happy 3 year anniversary to me!).  MH took over for the Help Desk Manager right before the move though.  I think they moved about 6 months or so before I started. 
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    Thanks, girls! I'd love to learn about opps! (And Jami, will email you).
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    Sorry, I'm a total moron sometimes....I should have included my [email protected] If you would like, you can send me a file doc. of your CV or whatnot...I'll print it out on resume cardstock and I can give it to him personally when I see him in a few weeks. Jamie, that's so funny...I must have just missed you...I worked at the Newton office but left maybe a month before they moved. I loved Reed...Do you know any of the editors over there by any chance?
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