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Tips avoid phone calls from random vendors/scammers?

Hi Everyone!  I was hoping some of you may have tips on avoiding the calls that seem to be coming to me ever since I registered for a few wedding events.  Tonight I got a call from "Hycite Corp" congratulating me on winning a wedding package (that I never registered for!), when I Googled the name and number it was very apparent that this was a scheme.  Its so sad that companies try to scam/take advantage of people like this!  Obviously, I can just ignore every call from phone numbers that aren't in my address book--but is there any other way?  Do you use fake numbers to register for events?

Re: Tips avoid phone calls from random vendors/scammers?

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    That's what I did. :)
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    I should have, because I got one of those calls too, so annoying! I usually don't answer numbers I don't know, if it's important they'll leave a message and I'll call back.
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    I just don't answer numbers that I don't know, unless I'm expecting a call from someone. You can also treat them like a telemarketer (which is basically what they are) and just hang up on them.  I'm usually not mean enough to do that lol.
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    Fake number = good idea.The best call I received was from a lady vendor who said she met me at ABC bridal show. I never attended the show.
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    Ha I just got a call from the Pros last week and I told them my fiance called off the wedding.
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    The Pros call me all the time! I told them I booked all of my vendors and they stopped. After a wedding show at the beginning of the year FI was getting literally 10-15 calls a day from the same number. It started right after the show and he answered and told the guy we were in the midlle of dinner, which we were and he took his number and call back. It was one of those "congratulations you won..." calls. After an hour the guy called back and said "I figured you were done with dinner" WTF?! So FI told him we were not interested and hung up. Bad move. He called 10-15 times a day up until 11:00 at night!! And when I finally decided to answer to give him a piece of my mind, he would hang up!! Evrytime I answered he hung up SO I googled the number, found the company name and another number, called and told them what was happening and the girl was super sympathetic and apologized repeatedly. She told me that the company was part of her company and they hire wackos! We never got another call!
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    I got a bunch of calls, but I just told them politely, but firmly, to remove me from their call list and they stopped. I didn't give out a fake number because I went to a show to specifically meet with one vendor (who I wanted to call me) but turns out, the shows sell all of your info to all the vendors in attendance. I was irate because I never saw any fine print (and I read all of it) that said my personal information would be given out, all without my consent. I did give an old email address though, which I used for spam, and have since closed.
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